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Dnn 7.x news article module - Cross Article 7.5 released

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Creator: host   4/10/2013 10:56:35 AM    Author: Xiao Qi   Source: http://DnnModule.com   Views: 5351    0    2  
dnn 7.x Article News web sitemap Blog Document

1.  Introduction
    Cross Article 7.5 enables multiple users to publish their news/article/blog and attach videos/audios/images/documents as easy as ABC. It includes 12 sub modules which offer many cool features, as followings:
    1.Multiple user support, authorized users can post their own articles and attach video/audio/photo/document with it.

2.  Each user can manage their files. Module supports automatic convert user upload videos to .flv or h.264 format. It can also generate thumbnail and watermark for upload images.

3. Amazon simple storage services (Amazon S3) support.

4. Upload multiple/large files at one time using Ms Silverlight upload control.

5. All display interfaces are template based. 

6. Administrator can disable unwanted article attributes.

7. Administrator can create additional article attributes as their wish. These attributes can be displayed using text box/drop down list/radio button list and check box list.

   8. Besides article/news/blog, you can use this module publish nearly all information by create different departments. And assign categories/attributes/tags for each department.

9. Rss/Email integrate. V7.5 also supports article photo in rss feeds.

10. There are 12 sub modules in package, but all data are manage via 1 single module (CrossArticle_Admin), the other 11 sub modules are used to display information.

   11. Anarchy media player plug-in support to enable author post any type of audio/video with article and play it.

12. Rewrote based dnn 7.x to integrate with journal. When a new article/comment is created, it will automatic add in author journals (new in v7.5).

   13. Bulk edit/delete articles (new in v6.5).

   14. Google news site map/dnn built-in site map support to let Google index your news articles more easily (new in v7.2)

   15. Google Maps integrated to let you show related map easily (new in v7.3)
    View our live demo as following, to see how each sub module works:

   You can view more showcases which submitted by our clients at  http://DnnModule.com/Showcase.aspx. And
download 30 days trial version at  http://DnnModule.com/FreeDownload.aspx. Please read “Cross Article 7.5 user guide.pdf” before test it.
    Please note, v7.5 is based dnn 7.0+. If your sites are still in dnn 5.x/6.x, please check other old versions at http://DnnModule.com.

2.  Module Highlights

     2.1  DNN 7.x based, Journal, Multiple user, File manage, Large file upload, Amazon S3, Video convert on-line/off-line, Thumbnail and watermark

     2.1.1 Fully rewrote based dnn 7.x framework
Dnn 7.x is a revolutionary version which brings a lot of new exciting features.Many clients request us to integrate these new features into Cross Article module, so we fully rewrote it to utilize these new features. You will like Cross Article new interface if you use dnn 7.x to build your sites.

P1  - New interface in v7.5

       2.1.2 DNN built-in journal support

        When an article/comment is created,module will automatic add item to author journals.

                                                   P2  - DNN journal integrate

        2.1.3 Multiple users support.
        Administrator can choose roles which can  post article/blog/information, specify  disk quota and item count this role can have.

                                          P3  -  Multiple users support

2.1.4  User  file  manager
     If user belong to edit roles and his disk quota not set to 0. He can manage his own folder/files. When edit  his articles, he can attach related files (image/video/document,etc) from these files.  He can add/delete folder, upload/move/delete/rename/unzip files.  Just like site administrator can do in dnn standard  “File Manager” page, user can do the same work too. Except the “Upload“ function,  module provides more powerful tools.

                                            P4 - User file manager_local

      2.1.5  Multiple/Large  file  upload
      Module provides multiple/large file upload via Ms silverlight control,don't need change anything in site configuration. User can upload huge files as he wish. The only limitation is his disk quota, and can't upload files which don't in site allowable file extensions.

      You can upload .zip files and check “Unzip“ option to automatic unzip after upload. This will reduce a lot of upload time.

                            P5 - File Upload 
    2.1.6 Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3)
     Amazon S3 provides a simple web services interface that can be used to store and retrieve any amount of data, at any time, from anywhere on the web.  You can use it easily in Cross Article module, simple change storage type as “Amazon S3” and enter your account information.

                          P5 - Amazon S3
    User share similar file manager interface like store in local. For more information about Amazon S3, check

      2.1.7  Convert user upload video to .flv or h.264 (.mp4) format online
     Video is very popular in today and module also  enables user upload huge video files to site. But  user may  upload different type of videos, play these videos via normal way is too difficult. Module  solves this question by convert user upload videos to  flash video format (.flv) or H264 (.mp4 ) format. Just like YouTube did.

        Below is a incomplete list which module can convert:
          1 Real Video (.rm,.rmvb)   
          2 Microsoft  Media (.wmv, .asf,.wm)
          3 Apple QuickTime (.mov)
          4 DivX/XVID/Motion Jpeg (.avi)
          5 Mpeg 1/2 encoded DVD video (.mpg,.mpeg,.mpe,.vob)
          6 Flash video (.flv,.f4b,.f4v)
          7 Mobile phone video format (.3gp,3g2)
          8 Apple/Sony mp4 (.mp4,.m4a,.m4v)

                  P7  -  Video Convert

      2.1.8  Convert videos offline
      We also provide a windows application which can convert video and capture thumbnails. Visit
http://DnnModule.com/FreeDownload.aspx to download it.  

       2.1.9  Generate thumbnail & add watermark to user uploaded images. (new in v7.5)
     In v7.5, you can control whether to add watermark to user uploaded images. The watermark source can be text, or a small gif image. This is a useful feature if you want to protect your images.

                                     P7  - Watermark settings.

                               P8 - text based watermark.

                               P9 -  Gif image based watermark.

2.2  Department, Customize attributes,  Category, Tag, Google Maps, Publish everything,Newsletter

      2.2.1 Article  department (article type)  
      Article departments are top-level data to organize information. Each department has its own categories/attributes/tags/articles. .

                              P7 - Article department
     Tips: some people may ask “why we need create department?” Well, department is mainly used to organize attributes/categories. For example, if you use Cross Article module to publish both cars and houses, you may need create different attributes for cars and houses, and you also need different categories to organize them.  Department lets you solve this problem easily.

      2.2.2 Disable unwanted fields

Article has some built-in fields, like author/source/image,etc. You can disable them If you don't’ need .  If a field is disabled, then it will not display on article edit interface which belong to current article department. And of course, it will also disappear in article list and detail module too.  

2.2.3 Customize your own fields (for long content) 
Besides the built-in field, each department also supports up to 5 additional fields to let you publish long content (text/html content).  You can specify its title and default value. If a field is enabled, then it will display on article edit interface and detail which belong to current article department.

       For example, we need a “Testimonials from snowcovered“ attributes while publish our modules.So we enable “Specification 1 “ and set its name as “Testimonials from snowcovered“ like below:

     After that, we can enter “Testimonials from snowcovered“ for each module. As followings:

        2.2.4  Customize your own fields (for short content)    
        Article attributes (e.g. "Size" or "Color") are used to create independent article variations for each article department.  After create a attribute, you can then create specific attribute values for an individual article (e.g. "Red", "Green", "Blue")..

                                  P9 -  Customize attributes.  
   Below is a list of data types you can specify for attribute:
   A.  Basic data like  string /   int / decimal /  datetime /  date /  time /  Boolean / currency.
   B.  Special data like  email /   image /   url /  text html.

    You can specify a list of value for attribute, user can choose one of them via drop down list/radio button list. In v7.0, we also add check box list display style to let you select multiple items from exiting value.

      After create, these fields will be treated the same as built-in fields. You can add/edit their value, display them on product list module and product detail module.

        2.2.5  Unlimited level categories 
        Each department has its own categories. You can add unlimited level of categories. A article can belong to multiple categories.


      2.2.6  Tags
      Each department has its own tag list.  A article can belong to multiple tags.

      2.2.7  Google Maps integrate (new in v7.3) 
        In v7.3 we add Google Maps support based customer feedback.You can easily show Google Maps with your articles (listing) by provide its latitude and longitude. This feature is very helpful if you publish maps related information, like hotel/park...etc.

       2.2.8  Publish everything as your wish
       With department/attributes/categories/tags/maps,  you can use this module publish nearly all information by create different departments. And assign categories/attributes/tags for each department. You can use it to publish typical news/articles/blog, or publish house rent/car rent/job listing... or any other classified information you want.

      For example,we have some customer use Cross Article module to publish job listing and real estates in their sites. 

       2.2.9  Newsletter (new in v6.3)
      V6.3 add a “Newsletter“ feature to let site administrators easily send promotion emails to users that are registered on your site. This is a great way of informing your customers of new information and keep them coming back to your site.

  Besides registered users, you can also enter additional mail list and send mail to them. This is a great way to promote your site.

   2.3  Article, Permission, Video/Audio/Image/Attachment/, Import, Avatar, Bookmark

        2.3.1 Article
        An article can belong multiple categories/tags, and can has its own value for customized attributes. It can also has multiple videos/audio/image/attachment with it.

       2.3.2 Permission
       Administrator can set default view/rate/recommend/comment/attachment download permission for all articles. Besides that , each article can has its own view/rate/recommend/comment/attachment download permissions.

      2.3.3  Related Video/Audio/Image/Attachment/
      An article can have multiple video/audio/image/attachment with it. If author has disk quota,he can choose his own files to add.  If his disk quota is set to 0, he can only add from external url or from embed code.  

      Take video as example,  author can add video from his own files /external url/ embed code.

                           P12 -  Add video from embed code
      As most video sites offer embed code,vendor can upload their video to these sites (like YouTube) if  he doesn't have disk quota on site,  then simply copy its embed code.
     Author can also add video from external url,like http://DnnModule.com/portals/0/test.flv. 
Especially for  YouTube videos, user can simply add its url , like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0klgLsSxGsU. Module will  auto detect it and play.

      If you have multiple video/image/audio to add, instead of add them one by one, you can upload them to a folder, and choose “Add from folder “ to add them once.

                                       P13 -  Add video from  folder

          Module use the light box style to play video (or image) in article detail,whether it comes from local file , or external url , or embed code.

                     P14 -  Play video via light box style

     In v6.5, we add some new options to turn related video/audio/image/document off. For example, if you don't want author add related audios to his article, you can simply uncheck “Enable attach audios“ option.
      2.3.4 Import from dnn standard Announcements module
If you publish news/articles using dnn standard announcements module before, then you can import them into Cross Article module.

      2.3.4 Avatar and Social bookmark
Integrate avatar at http://www.gravatar.com/ and also support social bookmark like Google,Facebook,Live bookmarks etc.

2.4  Bulk edit, Comment, Help ticket,  Watch list, Rating, Recommend
      2.4.1  Bulk edit/delete data
     You can check all data easily and bulk edit/delete them.

     2.4.2  Comment/ rating/ recommend
     Visitor can submit comment/ rating/ recommend to articles. Administrator can decide which role has these permissions.

       2.4.3 Help Ticket
         Registered user can submit help ticket to author to get 1-to-1 help.

       2.4.4  Watch list
         Registered user can add article to his watch list.

     2.5   Template, Controllable, Anarchy media player, Mail, Seo, Google web site map,Google news site map, Rss 

        2.5.1  All display modules are template based
        There are 12 sub modules in this package. Except the CrossArticle_Admin module (which used to manage all information) , the other 11 modules are fully template based. There are some built-in template in package, you can try save a copy then modify them, then choose them as your display.

                   P19 -  Template list
       With templates, you can achieve any display effect as your wish in theory. We have many customers build different templates. Like below:

                                             P20 - Customize template example 1

P21 - Customize template example 2

       2.5.2  Controllable
       Module offers more than 1000 options to control the layout and functions. Take CrossArticle_List sub module as example:

                    P20 -  CrossArticle_List  sub module settings
    By using these options ,you can achieve different layout and functions as your wish. For example:
                Example 1 (Article list _ Simple list style)

                  Example 2 (Article list _search/image/sumary/recommend/rss, and more article link)

              Article list example 3 (light box popup effect, you can use this feature to display image gallery)

      CrossArticle_Detail sub module example 1 - Flickr style

  CrossArticle_Detail sub module example 2 - Sunny style

     2.5.3  Anarchy media player
     Anarchy media player  is a java script plug-in that  will scan your article content, find all  hyper links to media files (mp3,flv,mov,mp4,m4v,m4a,m4b,3gp,wmv,avi,asf..etc) ,and generate related  script to play it.
        For example ,a link to a mp3 file will became as

      and a link to Mpeg-4 audio (mp4,m4a,m4b) file will became as

    A link to flash video file (flv) will became as

     Check http://DnnModule.com/tabid/111/ArticleId/23/Anarchy-media-player-plugin-in-Cross-Article-5-5.aspx for live demo.

      2.5.4 Mail Integrate 
      When help ticket /comment is submitted/responsed..., module will send related mail to author/client. 

      2.5.5  Seo optimization
      A:  Add article title to page title while view its detail.
      B:  Automatic add  article title and its tag to page  “keywords” 
      C:  Provide a option “Enable seo friendly url“ . If this option is checked ,module will generate article detail page url use its title.   We strongly recommend client enable this option if you article title is English.  
       2.5.6  Integrate with Google web site map (new in v7.2)
        As we know, dnn provide a web site map which can be submitted to Google web master tools to let Google index your site more easily. By default,dnn only list your web pages as site map urls. In v7.2, we provide a option to let Cross Article module also include your articles in web site map urls. It is a must do action if you want to your articles be searched more easily.

                                             P39 -  Cross Article site map provider
    Check http://DnnModule.com/sitemap.aspx you will see our articles are listed on web site maps. This increases our site traffic remarkable since we resubmitted these changes to Google web masters tools.

      2.5.7  Google News Site map (new in v7.0)
      Besides web site map, Google also allows your submit news site map.A Google News Site map is a file that allows you to control which content you submit to Google News. By create and submit a Google News Site map, you're able to help Google News discover and crawl your site's articles.For more information,please check http://support.google.com/webmasters/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=75717.

    In v7.0, we add Google news site map support based some customer's feedback. This is a great way to let Google index your news articles.

    Note,there is no conflict between your web site map and your Google news site map. We strongly recommend you submit both of them to Google if possible.

      2.5.8   Rss integrate, show photo in rss feeds (new in v7.5) 
      Rss is everywhere in module, you can subscribe by article type/category/author/module/month. For example,  try visit http://DnnModule.com/desktopmodules/crossarticle/articlerss.aspx?articletypeid=1  to  view our rss. 

     In v7.5, we add photo in RSS feeds based customer feedback. Check http://server2.mir-zdorov.ru/DesktopModules/CrossArticle/ArticleRss.aspx?ArticleTypeId=1&ArticleModuleId=971 for live demo.

   2.6 Centralized Manage, Online help, Security assure, Easy to use,  Localization, Search

         2.6.1  Manage all information in 1 module
There are  12 sub-modules in Cross Article package. But all information (department/category/attributes/article/comment/help ticket....) are managed via 1 module - the CrossArticle_Admin sub module. Other 11 sub modules are all used to display content. 

        2.6.2  Online help is everywhere
        Instead of write long and complicated help document to explain every detail of this module. We choose to integrate these information directly into module interface. Below are some important areas which you need read before use this module.

      And we also provide as detail as necessary information through dnn standard way. Whenever you feel confusion, click the left help button of field, you will see more detail information. Like below:

                                    P25 -  Field help

    2.6.3  Security Assure
    Check user input to prevent malice damage (like sql injection, script include,etc). Module also provides security code to prevent comment spam.

     2.6.4  Powerful yet easy to use
    We are not build modules for our use, we build for thousands of our customers. So we need consider every detail of the module, provide necessary help to guide user to use this module as easy as ABC. You will find many wizard control in this module which guide to do things step by step. And we also check every input area, make sure they are correct and display necessary information if not correct.  Our endeavor is to build a powerful yet easy to use module for both dnn community and our customers.

     2.6.5  Localization, English and Simple Chinese language package
     All information in this module localizable. Module contains two language packages (English and Simple Chinese). You can create other language package by using dnn standard localization feature. If you like,please send us a copy of your localization package at xiaoqi98@msn.com, we appreciate of your support.

    2.6.6  Search
    1. Integrate dnn built-in search mechanism.
    2. Provide a standard alone CrossArticle_Search sub module to make search more easily.
    3. Add search function in CrossArticle_List sub module.
    4. Besides that, you can search by department / category / tag / author /date / month by using different sub modules.
Like CrossArtile_Type,CrossArtile_Category,CrossArtile_Author,...,etc

3.  Module List 
There are 12 sub-modules in this package:  
     11. CrossArticle_Type
     12. CrossArticle_AccountLink (new in v6.2)

    3.1  CrossArticle_Admin
    This module is used to maintain category / article / tag /user file / comment / help ticket/watch list.You only need 1 instance per portal.

    3.2  CrossArticle_List
    This module is used to display article list. You can add multiple instances as you want.

   3.3  CrossArticle_ListDashboard
    Supports three flash display style to display articles: Numeric navigate(classical),Numeric navigate(button free),Numeric navigate(integrative). Each flash  has its own control options.
                       Numeric navigate(classical)

         Numeric navigate(Integrative)

    3.4  Cross_Article_Category
    Display  article categories. Supports two display style: List and Tree.

   3.5  CrossArticle_Search
    This module is used to provide  article search.

    3.6  CrossArticle_Detail
   Display  article detail information

    3.7  CrossArticle_TagList
    Display article tags.    
    3.8  CrossArticle_TagDashboard
    Display  article tags via flash .
     3.9  CrossArticle_Author
    Display  article authors, click each item will display his article list.This module is very useful if you have multiple article edit users.

      3.10  CrossArticle_Archive
    Display  article archive by calendar and monthly,works the same as dnn standard blogs module. Click each item will display related articles.This module is very useful if you publish articles  frequency.
    3.11  CrossArticle_Type
   Display  article departments (article type)

    3.12  CrossArticle_Account (new in v6.2)
   Display user account link in Cross Article package. This is useful if you have multiple users post articles on your site.

4.  Version history      

  1. Rebuild based DNN 7.x.
  2.Photo watermark support.
  3.Display photo in article rss feed.
  4.Show balloon indicator in Google Maps.
 1. Rebuild based dnn 6.2 to support user journal.
  2.Simple Chinese language package add.

 1. Google Maps integrated based customer feedback.
  2.More help information add.

 1. Integrate with dnn built-in sitemap.
  2.Show latest article in CrossArticle_Detail module..
  3.Article manage roles add.

5.  Try before you buy
    We strongly recommend you try this module before you buy. You can
    1. View live demo at http://DnnModule.com/Article.aspx.
    2. Download 30 days trial version at http://DnnModule.com/FreeDownload.aspx.  

6. Upgrade Discount
  All modules from DnnModule.com are customer-driven, v7.5 is the 33th generation of this product. We have received many suggestions from our customers since the first release, this module can't be making out without customers help.

      As a return to their help,we offer 90% upgrade discount for customer who bought v7.4.

7. Compatibility

Specification              Description                                            
Dnn Version Dnn 7.0+.

 Ms sql server 2008/2012 ,Ms sql server express 2008/2012                                                                                                 

Asp.net framework asp.net 4.0+.

Rating People: 17   Average Rating:     

     DnnModule.com is built to provide DNN quality modules and DNN skins, some of them are free, some not. We wish these stuffs (free or not ) can be useful to you.

     Besides that, we also provide a full range of professional services, ranging from web site build, seo, system management, administration, support, senior consultancy and security services. We act as if your development project or network was ours, with care and respect. We are not satisfied until it works the way you want it to, and we don't silently ignore found issues as somebody else's problem.