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DNN 7 Nightly Builds

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Creator: host   5/15/2014 3:55:16 AM    Author: Joe Brinkman   Source: http://www.dnnsoftware.com/community-blog/cid/154945/dnn-nightly-builds   Views: 1575    0    0  
dnn develop DNN Build dnn 7

The DNN Platform team has been very busy lately.  Not only have we been working on the next DNN release, which is expected to be released later this month, but we have also been working on making our work more transparent.  With the recent move to GitHub it is now easier than ever to see what is being checked into the code.

Of course, having access to code is great if you are a developer, but if you’re not a developer then you probably don’t have access to the tools to compile and package a DNN release so you can test out the latest changes.  Recently, the platform team started making our latest builds available from our website on the Nightly Builds page.  Now everyone has access to the latest DNN builds so they can see what new features, enhancements and bug fixes are coming in the next release.  We plan to further enhance our nightly build page to provide full access to our nightly build archives beginning with 7.1.2.  This is a work in progress and we’ll let you know once the project is complete.

With the impending release of DNN 7.2.0, we also looked to update our naming standards for our build packages to conform with the new branding announced this past summer.  Beginning with 7.2.0, DNN packages will now use the following naming convention “DNN_Platform_{version}_{package type}.zip”.  If you have custom installation scripts or other automated processes that rely on the naming convention of our packages, then you should update those before the final release.  You can already see the new naming in place with our current nightly builds.

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