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Configure SMTP server for (Ms live mail) account in DNN and Cross Bulk Mailer module

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Creator: host   11/24/2014 9:48:42 AM    Author: Xiao Qi   Source:   Views: 2797    0    0  
Tags: DNN SMTP Cross Bulk Mailer email marketing

     We developed a DNN email marketing module which is called "Cross Bulk Mailer 5.5 - DNN 7 newsletter & email marketing module, Amazon SES support".  It is an enterprise-level email processing module which helps you to send over 10,000,000 mails easily. These days there are some customers asked us how to use mail account to send bulk mails in that module, and we post a guide at Then we realized that it may also useful in normal DNN SMTP server settings, so we also post this thread. is a free, personal email service from Microsoft. It has become increasingly popular today. To send mails using SMTP server in DNN, please follow below steps:

    Step 1. Open, click "Sign up now" to register a mail account if you don't register before.

    Step 2.  Log in with your account, click "Options" or directly open, then click "Connect devices and apps with POP".

     It will show a new window, check on "Enable" option which under "POP" section, this will allow you to retrieve mails using 3rd email client applications.

      Step 3. Open, enter your mobile number, and select a country, to verify your account.  This will help MS to trust your account, so you can send mails using external applications (like DNN, like Cross Bulk Mailer module).

     Now everything is ready, you can create a SMTP server based your account, and send mails in DNN. 

     Click DNN built-in menu "Host - Host Settings - Advanced Settings - SMTP Server Settings", enter SMTP server information as follows:
     SMTP Server and port:      
     SMTP Authentication:                  Basic
     SMTP Enable SSL:                         check on
     SMTP Username:          your account, e.g,
     SMTP Password:           your account password
     Number of messages sent in each batch: 10
    Tips: why we only enter 10 as "Number of messages sent in each batch"? This is because Microsoft is very sensitive about spam mail, it doesn't trust new registered accounts. If you send too much mails (and send too frequently) at the beginning. MS will think that your account is a spam account, and will block your account. So it is better to send a small number first, wait 1-2 months, then increase the mail sending quantity (e.g, enter 50 as "Number of messages sent in each batch"). Check below image as an example:

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