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DNN 7 module - Cross Article 7.6 (News, Blog, RSS feeds, Document, Media, Classifieds, Real Estate, Job Listings....)

       Cross Article is an enterprise-class DNN module that enables multi-user to publish news, articles, blogs, press releases and stories. With the support of customize attributes, it also allows you to publish everything else, like real estate, cars, job listing, product catalogs, classified ads, documents, directory listings or anything else you can think of. In addition to publishing text content, adding videos / audio / pictures / documents to an article are as easy as ABC. It is the ultimate publishing platform for DNN, For more detail, please click here.
     We use Cross Article module on our site ( to publish our news articles for over 6 years. This page is mainly designed to show our news articles, but it can also be treated as a showcase of Cross Article module. Note, there are 14 sub modules include in Cross Article package, this page can only focus some of them (CrossArticle_ListTab, CrossArticle_List, CrossArticle_Category, CrossArticle_Author, CrossArticle_Archive, CrossArticle_TagList...etc.).  Visit "DNN Article module" page for more demos.

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Cross Article 8.2 is out, now supports JQuery Tabs (2/1/2016)
DNN News & Blog & Media & Survey & Document & Slide show & Content Localization module - Cross Article 8.0 (7/7/2015)
DNN 7.3 news/blog/survey module - Cross Article v7.8 released (9/25/2014)
DNN 7.2 publishing module - Cross Article 7.6 (News, Blog, RSS feeds, Product Catalog, Media, Classifieds, Real Estate.) (3/12/2014)
Dnn 7.x news article module - Cross Article 7.5 released (4/10/2013)
Cross Article 7.4 released with dnn journal supported (9/14/2012)
Cross Article 6.7 is released - for dnn 6.x only (5/4/2011)
Module upgrade notification - Aug 14th 2011 (5/4/2011)
A couple of new open source releases from yours truly (6/1/2011)
Active social integrated in Cross Article 6.4 (4/21/2011)
Cross Article 6.0 is released (11/17/2010)

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Featured Articles (via CrossArticle_List sub module)

DNN 9.2 eCommerce & Store & Auction & Classified Ads & Content Localization module - Classified Pro 9.1 (7/5/2018) 0  0 
Views: 1089
  16 sub modules include which helps you to create an online store, auction site and publish classified ads. Sell everything like physical goods/digital files/portal roles/services. Content localization /Multiple sellers /Amazon S3/ Google Maps/ Custom fields/ Responsive layout support. For DNN 9.2+
Return back to DNN and bring the first DNN 9.2 module - Cross Bulk Mailer 7.0 (6/26/2018) 0  0 
Views: 714
  We are return back to DNN programming, and will upgrade all our modules to new DNN 9.2 platform.
Cross Video Gallery 7.0 - video & audio & YouTube & content localization, Html 5 & Mobile & DNN 8 (12/13/2016) 0  1 
Views: 1681
  14 sub modules include and multiple users support. Automatic import YouTube videos and convert videos to .flv or h264 format. Html 5 & Flash player based to support iPhone/mobile. Template/Custom fields/Ad video/Google video sitemap/Responsive layout..
Cross Article 8.2 is out, now supports JQuery Tabs (2/1/2016) 0  0 
Views: 2904
  14 sub modules include that enables multi-user to publish news, articles, blogs and everything else, like real estate, cars, job listing, product catalogs, classified ads, documents, etc. Content localization & custom attributes & template & responsive layout support. For DNN 7.3+.
DNN 7.3 photo & Flickr & Picasa & Slideshow module - Cross Photo Gallery 5.9 released (10/8/2014) 0  0 
Views: 2345
  14 sub modules include to enable multiple users to publish albums/photos. Automatic import Flickr/Picasa photos. Custom attributes support and template/responsive layout based. Display photos with Silverlight/Flash/JavaScript slideshow. Journal/Social/Google Maps/Amazon S3 support. For DNN 7.3+
DNN 7.x video & audio & image module - Ultra Flash Player 8.0 (23-in-1) (12/20/2013) 1  1 
Views: 7155
  A 23-in-1 DNN 7.x video & audio & photo present module. Html5 and Flash based to support both PC and iphone/ipad/mobile. 30 days free trial version available. Powerful yet easy to use.

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