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Email Marketing Newsletter Amazon SES Business

1.  Background                         download free trial
     Email Marketing is very popular and important today. It can help you improve both relationship building and communication for your business to prosper. As we know, DNN provides a simple newsletter module to let site administrators send bulk mails (by click DNN built-in menu “Admin – Newsletters”).  This module works when you have small recipients (e.g. 100-200 email addresses). However, when you try sending over 500 emails use this module, it doesn’t work as expected due to the following reasons:
    1. This module will try sending bulk emails together by using host defined SMTP server. However, nearly 100% email server have quota limitation. For example, Google Gmail account allows you send up to 500 mails per day, 100 mails per hour; Yahoo mail allows up to 200 mails per day and100 mails per hour; MS hotmail allows 100 per day and 50 per hour; Our mail server provider (mail.DnnModule.com) allows us sending 500 mails per day and 60 mails per hour.

     This means most of your emails are abandoned by mail server. For example, when we click “Admin – Newsletters” module to send mails to over 8000 registered users of http://DnnModule.com for the first time,  nearly 99% mails are abandoned by our mail server. And our hosting vendor warned us not do that action again, otherwise our mail accounts will be closed.

      Please note, the abandon is controlled by mail server, DNN is not aware of that. And DNN just think mail was sent success.

     2.  Email sending is a resource consumes action. It will consume many cpu and memory resources while sending bulk emails together. Because most websites are hosted on 3rd hosting vendors and don’t have too much cpu and memory quota, your site may be recycled or even shutdown while sending huge emails.

     3. As mentioned above, “Admin – Newsletters” module using host defined SMTP server to send mails. This is a big problem if you have multiple portals which belong to different companies on same DNN instance. Even these portals have their own mail server, they still rely on same SMTP server to send mails. This will make host defined SMTP server overload quickly. We strongly recommend super user remove “Admin -Newsletters” page/module for all portals in this instance.

      In one word, DNN built-in “Admin - Newsletter” is not an ideal module to processing email. If you need a more powerful module to handle your email marketing, Cross Bulk Mailer is one of the best choices for you.

2.  Introduction
     Cross Bulk Mailer is a very powerful email processing module for DotNetNuke. By fully utilizing DNN schedule job features, it can help you send over 1,000,000 emails easily than ever. It has many cool features which haven’t seen in other competitor products, as followings:

    1.Multiple portals support, super use can enable/disable email sending for each portal, and control other options like maximum mails per day/ sending interval / mails per time and whether they can use host defined SMTP server.

    2.  Multiple SMTP servers support, site administrators can create their own SMTP servers, and specify properties like server priority / maximum mails per day, per hour, etc.
    3.  Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) support. With Amazon SES, you can send huge emails (e.g. 5,000,000) per day in Cross Bulk Mailer module.

    4. Group newsletters with categories. Each category has its own recipients and suppression addresses. It can be bound to certain user roles and automatic retrieve recipients from them. The recipients can also be imported from MS Excel documents and csv files (or exports as Excel file to download). And it doesn’t require you install MS Excel on web server.

    5. A newsletter can have multiple attachments. The newsletter content can be generated from external url / RSS feed / site page / site module. It also supports token replacement to personalize email content.
    6. Email read / open tracking. You can track whether email is open / read by recipients, and adjust your email marketing plan.

    7. Hyperlink tracking. You can create specific hyperlinks (e.g. http://DnnModule.com) and insert them into newsletters, module will track who (and when) click them while reading emails. This is a great way to verify the effect of your email marketing.

   8. Automatic send birthday greeting emails to related recipients.

   9. Common features like Opt-In / Opt-Out, subscribe / unsubscribe and view mail online are also available.

    10. Bounce mail address (invalid mail addresses) automatic detection.

    11. Template based for CrossAdmin_Opt-In sub module, you can create your own mail Opt-In/Opt-Out display interface.

    12. Uses DNN schedule jobs to perform background actions (send bulk mails / synchronize recipients from roles / check bounce mail addresses, etc). All you need to do is to provide valid SMTP server, create newsletters which need to send, and then let Cross Bulk Mailer handle other works for you.
   Visit http://DnnModule.com/FreeDownload.aspx to download 30 days trial edition and test on your site. The trial edition has all features like official version and can be installed on official domain names.

Note: v5.2 requires DNN 7.x to run.  If your sites are still under DNN 6.x, please check http://DnnModule.com for other versions.

3.  Module Highlights
      3.1  Multiple portals, maximum mails per day (per time), send interval, using host SMTP server

                                                    P1  - Portal Rules
     If you create multiple portals based 1 dnn instance, this feature is vital to you. Super user (host account) can specify below options for each portal.

     :Send bulk mails/Send birthday greeting mails. If disabled, this site can't using Cross Bulk Mailer module to send emails (birthday greeting mails).

     :Maximum mails per day (per time). How many mails this portal can send per day/per time.

     :Send Interval. Email send interval for this site.
      :Whether this portal can use host defined SMTP server.

     For example, if you have 3 portals on same dnn instance. You can allow "Portal A" send 500 mails per day, "Portal B" send 300 mails per day, and disable mail send function for "Portal C".

                                                              P2 -  Portal rule detail

    3.2  Multiple SMTP servers, maximum mails per day (per hour), priority

                                                    P3  - SMTP servers
     SMTP (Simple Message Transfer Protocol) servers are used to send emails. Site administrators can create multiple SMTP server to send their mails, and specify maximum mails per day (per hour), priority for each server. 

     Normally hosting vendor will offers a SMTP server to your site. Besides that, there are many free email provides on Internet. For example, you can register a Google GMail account to get a SMTP server which can send 500 mails per day (100 mails per hour), register a Yahoo account to get 200 mails per day (100 mails per hour)..etc.

     So as you can see, it is easy to send over 50,000 bulk mails per month with these free SMTP servers in Cross Bulk Mailer module. And Cross Bulk Mailer will not beyond SMTP server limitations at any time. 

      Note, you are limited by both super user and SMTP servers capacity. For example, you can create 10 SMTP servers which can send 3000 mails per day totally, but if super user only allows your site send 300 mails per day, then Cross Bulk Mailer module will only send 300 mails for your site per day. However, if super user allows 800 mails for your site, but your SMTP servers can only handle 400 mails, then Cross Bulk Mailer module will take 400 mails per day.

                                                              P4 -  SMTP server detail

     3.3  Amazon SES support to let you send huge emails (e.g. 500,000) per day (new in v5.2)

     Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) is a highly scalable and cost-effective bulk and transactional email-sending service for businesses. The great advantage of Amazon SES is that it allows you send huge emails per day (e.g. 500,000) in theory, while most email providers only allows hundreds of emails per day. For more information, please visit http://aws.amazon.com/ses/

       It is easy to use Amazon SES in Cross Bulk Mailer module. If you have huge emails to send (e.g. you need send 100,000 emails per day), we recommend you sign up an Amazon SES account and configure it in Cross Bulk Mailer module. Note, your SMTP servers will be ignored if you have Amazon SES configured (you don't need create them).
                                                              P5 -  Amazon SES

                                                     P6 -  Amazon SES server detail

        3.4  Categories, import recipients from user roles / excel file / input, export, suppression addresses.

                                                    P7  - Category Detail
     Categories allow you to group the newsletters easily. Each category has its own recipients and suppression addresses. It can be bound to certain user roles and automatic retrieve recipients from them.

    For example, if you check on "Registered Users" role for a category, then Cross Bulk Mailer module will check new registered users every day, add them into "Recipients" of current category.

     The recipients can also be imported from MS Excel documents (or export as Excel file ). Please note, it doesn't require MS Excel application installed on web server.

                                     P8 - Import email address from MS Excel document.

    Use CrossMail_Opt-In sub module to let visitors subscribe (or unsubscribe) these categories is another way to collect recipients.
     Suppression addresses are emails which will be ignored while sending. You can manually add mail address to a category. When user click "unsubscribe" link in mail body (or unsubscribe via CrossMail_Opt-In sub module), module will add related address into suppression list.

      3.5  Newsletters, attachments, token replacement, generate content from rss/url/site page/site module

                                                    P9  - Newsletter Detail

     A category can contain multiple newsletters which will be sent. You can add multiple files as newsletter attachments, but need take care of their size. You can enter newsletter content using DNN html editor, or generate content from external url / RSS feed / site page / site module first, then modify it.

    You can also specify newsletter start date and expire date. Module will send newsletter between these days.

     Newsletter subject and content can contain tokens. A token is a set of formatted text that will be replaced in the email messages. For example, you can add "unsubscribe" token in mail to let user unsubscribe, add "viewonline" token to let user view mail online, add "Recipient:UserName" token in mail to let module replace it as recipient user name.

                                     P10 - Generate content from site module

      3.6  Newsletter sent history, mail read/open tracking, hyperlink tracking

                                                    P11  - Newsletter sent history
     After create a newsletter, module will automatic send it using dnn schedule jobs. It will automatic detect duplicate address and only send 1 mail per address per newsletter.
Click the "sent history" icon you will see the mail sent process, and track whether mail is open/read by recipients. It is vital to verify your email marketing effect.

                                                   P12 - Hyperlink tracking.
      You can create specific hyperlinks (e.g. http://DnnModule.com) and insert these hyperlinks into newsletters, module will track who (and when) click them while reading emails.
This is a great way to verify the effect of your email marketing.

      3.7  Bounce (invalid, fake) addresses detection

                                                    P13  - Bounce mail addresses

     It is not strange to see fake (or invalid) addresses like 123@123.com, asd@asd.com, etc. When send mail to these addresses (for example, try send a mail to NotExist@DnnModule.com),
your SMTP server will generate a "Bounce Reply" message to your "send from" address during each attempt. Note, the number of attempts and the format of the bounce reply is controlled by your SMTP server, not Cross Bulk Mailer module.

    It is important to find out these invalid addresses because you don't want to keep sending mails to them. To do this, Cross Bulk Mailer module will try monitor your "send from" email account, abstract these invalid addresses, and ignore them next time.

    This is a vital feature for a email processing module. All SMTP servers hate bounce emails because they consume too much resources, so it is better to detect and bypass them as soon as possible.

     3.8  Birthday greeting emails

                                                    P14  - Birthday greeting mails

     Module can automatic send birthday greeting emails to related recipients if you provide their birthday.  This is a useful way to improve relationship building.
Of course, the token replacement also available in birthday greeting subject and content.

     3.9  Subscribe, unsubscribe, view mail online, Opt-in, Opt-out, email confirm

                                      P15  - CorssMail_Opt-In sub module

     As we mentioned above, you can add "view online" token in newsletter body to let user view mail online, add "unsubscribe" token to let user unsubscribe.
Besides that, Cross Bulk Mailer also contains a sub module - CrossMail_Opt-In to let user subscribe / unsubscribe on your site.  It also supports email confirm for subscribe / unsubscribe actions.

        3.10 Template based for CrossMail_Opt-in sub module
        CorssMail_Opt-In sub module is template based, you can create your own subscribe / unsubscribe interface.

                CrossMail_Opt-In demo

        3.11 Fully utilizing DNN schedule jobs, reliable
        Cross Bulk Mailer uses DNN schedule jobs to perform all background actions (send bulk mails / synchronize recipients from roles  /check bounce mail addresses / cleanup mail sent history, etc).  All you need to do is to provide valid SMTP server, create newsletters which need to send, and then let Cross Bulk Mailer handle other jobs for you.

        Email marketing is a serious business. Cross Bulk Mailer try to take care of everything (portal rules / SMTP server capacity / send interval,etc) and calculate exactly, to make sure your bulk mails are sent reliable and safely. 

       3.12  Self explanatory, help is everywhere, powerful yet easy to use
     Cross Bulk Mailer offers more interesting features than we can mentioned here. Instead of write a long and complicated help document to explain every detail of them, we choose to integrate these information directly into module interface. And try our best to make every feature self explanatory.

      For long help information, we use DNN expandable section (or a separate tab page) to hosting them. For example:

                                            P16 - Expandable help section

                                            P17 - Separate tab help page

     For short yet important help information, we use DNN standard help style to display on edit interface. For example:

                                            P18 - Display help information on edit interface.

     And we provide detail information for every field using DNN help label. Whenever you feel confused, just click the help icon of that label, you will see similar information like below:

                                        P19 - DNN help label.


4.  Sub modules
There are  2 sub-modules in Cross Bulk Mailer package:      

                                      P20 - Sub modules

        1. CrossMail_Admin sub module
        Provides all manage functions of  Cross Bulk Mailer, you only need 1 instance per portal.

                              P21 - CrossMail_Admin sub module

        2. CrossMail_Opt-In sub module
       Let visitors subscribe/unsubscribe from your site, you can put multiple instances on a site.

             P22 - CrossMail_Opt-In sub module

  5.  Try before you buy

        We strongly recommend you try this module before you buy. You can 
download 30 days trial version and user guide document at http://DnnModule.com/FreeDownload.aspx. Note, please read “Cross Bulk Mailer 5.2 user guide.pdf” before test it.

6.  Compatibility
   Dnn version: dnn 7.0+
   Database: Ms sql server 2008/2012 ,Ms  sql server express 2008/2012
   Asp.net framework: .net 4.0+

 7. 100% free upgrade for all time
      All modules from DnnModule.com are customer-driven, we have received many suggestions from our customers since the first release, this module can't be making out without customers help .
      As a return to their help, we offer 100% upgrade discount for all time. This means you can get new version at any time when it comes.

     We strongly recommend clients upgrade to v5.2 if  you bought V5.0/5.1 before. Note, v5.2 require dnn 7.x to run.

8. Help and support
     Read the user guide.doc in the package to see how to use this module
     Click the online help link  in dnn label to learn its meaning
     Using the  snowcovered help tickets system to submit your  question.
     Visit our support forum  for more specific problem solution.
     Mail us at xiaoqi98@msn.com if you need more directly assistance(or if you have any improvement suggestion)

9. Version Difference

Standard  Enterprise Enterprise + Source
Private Assembly Yes  Yes Yes
Module Source No  No Yes
Dnn  SIte 1 site, unlimited sub portals    Unlimited sites Unlimited sites

Version Difference

Edition Standard
Enterprise Enterprise+Source
Private Assembly Yes Yes Yes
Module Source(C#) No No Yes
DNN production installation
1 DNN instance with unlimited sub portals Unlimited DNN instance
Unlimited DNN instance

   You can get help via follows:

    1. We provide detail information for every field via DNN standard help system. Click the help button of field to see it . Like below:

  2. Read user guide.doc to view module installation guide or faqs.

  3. Log in to http://www.dnnmodules.cn/Store/MyAccount.aspx , click "My Products",then find your ordered item, click "Help Ticket" next to it to submit help ticket.

  4. Visit our support forum to get more details.

  5. Mail us at xiaoqi98@msn.com for more direct and fast help.


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Web Site: http://DnnModule.com
Slogan: Let's make things better


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Two awesome features with these modules are:
1-Group based restrictions for postings. It is very helpful to be able to restrict postings based on subscription levels.
2-Templates. Almost all modules can be customized by using templates. They are a bit tricky to figure out, but this is due to the awesome coding by the vendor to create a dynamic auction/store/classifieds module

If I had more than 2 thumbs, I would give a few more.
Finally, the support is awesome. If there is an issue, the vendor will email back with a solution.
This module is worth the money and I recommend purchasing the Enterprise license as you will use this module on multiple sites.

To see what this module can do, please go to www.de-fect.com

Tomas Sjostrom

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We really appreciate of you. For your modification to the Classified Pro user guide document, and also for your suggestions to improve module feature. You are always helpful to us.

May joy and health be with you always.
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  English Auction, also known as an open ascending price auction. This type of auction is arguably the most common form of auction in use today. Participants bid openly against one another, with each subsequent bid higher than the previous bid. The auction ends when no participant is willing to bid further, at which point the highest bidder pays their bid. Alternatively, if the seller has set a minimum sale price in advance (the 'reserve' price) and the final bid does not reach that price the item remains unsold. Sometimes the auctioneer sets a minimum amount by which the next bid must exceed the current highest bid.

  The most significant distinguishing factor of this auction type is that the current highest bid is always available to potential bidders. The English auction is commonly used for selling goods, most prominently antiques and artwork, but also secondhand goods and real estate.