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HomeHomeDotnetnuke Modu...Dotnetnuke Modu...Carrousel Flow ...Carrousel Flow ...Free DNN 7 module - Carrousel Flow Gallery v5.4 releasedFree DNN 7 module - Carrousel Flow Gallery v5.4 released
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6/30/2014 3:40 AM

                       Carrousel Flow Gallery 5.4  - free module, for DNN 7.0+

1.  Introduction
     Carrousel Flow is a Ready-to-Use-and-Deploy ajax image Gallery application which allows an intuitive image handling.  The basic idea is to digitally animate the thumbing through a physical image stack. The intuitive handling is automatically caused by the metaphorical use of the well known process of thumbing through.

     This solution is known as the Cover Flow technique. Now - after it has been bought by Apple - it is used in iTunes and the file browser of Apples Os.     

      There are two modules in this package: ”Carrousel Flow Gallery” and “Carrousel Flow Category”.  'Carrousel flow gallery” module is used to display gallery and “Carrousel Flow Category” module is used to provide category list navigation for gallery module instance.

     Visit to see live demo. Note, v5.4 requires DNN 7.0+ to run, if your sites are still under DNN 5.x/6.x, please check other old versions at

2.  Carrousel flow gallery module features

     2.1.  Automatic create reflection to generate 3d effect.
      Module will generate 3d like effect by creates a reflection of image. A 'reflection' being in the Apple OSX style as seen in iTunes. This is also known as a 'wet floor'. 

2.2.   Carrousel and flow effect.
      When click each image or move your mouse wheel, image will rotator with carrousel and flow effect. You can also drag the scroll bar to move image item.

       Note, each image can has a link url property which can link to external url or site page (or site file). It will navigate to its link url if you double click image.  The link url can be opened as self window or in new window.
     2.3.   30+ slide show options to control slide effect
      Module offer more than 30+ slide show options to control slide effect. Like Circular/Slide show/ Auto play/Random display/ Right animation/ Hight slide............. With these options ,you can build glaring photo gallery on your site.

     2.4.   AJAX support
      All image rotator actions are done by client side, it doesn't raise post back.

.5.   Auto resize
      Gallery will auto resize to fit different screen and container.

      2.6.  Different image list support.
      It supports image list type include:    
      A:Dynamic generate from  
folder      B:Custom Image list       C: Using existing xml     

      2.6.1. Dynamic generate from folder

      It is a amazing feature which enables  you create gallery in just one minute. Simply specify a folder, It will  automatically scan it and its sub directories(if recursive option is checked), picking up all the images files and build gallery for you. Whenever your image file(or directory) is changed,it will automatic refresh. It makes things more easy because all you need to do is select a specific gallery folder , and then maintain its folder structure and files through other tools(like ftp software), gallery will automatic changed.

                                  Dynamic generate from folder

      2.6.2. Custom image list
      Custom image list allows you to define images one by one. Each image has its own title and link url. You can also select a folder, and add all images under it.

                                 Customize image list   1  - image list

                             Customize image list   2  - add single image and add folder

     2.6.3 Using existing xml  
      You can also play gallery based existing xml which generate by other 3d carrousel flow gallery module instance.

3.  Carrousel flow category module features
      3.1 Introduction
      Carrousel flow category is an independent module which provides category list navigation for  gallery module instance.   Each category corresponds a folder under portal site. It has properties like title, image, and description. Click category item will display images under this folder (including its sub directories ) on "Carrousel Flow Gallery" module instance. This module can be put on the same page with carrousel flow gallery module instance, or put on different page (In this case you need specify which page the carrousel flow module instance exists ).

     This sub module is very useful when you have multiple galleries. In previous edition you need add different gallery instance for each gallery. Now you only need one instance by using “Carrousel flow category” sub module.

     3.2 Customize url parameter
     Besides using “Carrousel flow category” module, you can also customize your own url parameters by provider  “FolderId” and “GalleryTitle” parameters.  For example, if  gallery module instance  is, and you have a folder which id is 700, then input   will display images under this folder,  and, will display images and change module title as “OK”.

     3.3 Control options
     Each category corresponds a folder on your site.It has properties like title,image,description. You can control whether to show them in list, you can also control how many categories display in one row.

4.  Other highlight features
      Powerful yet easy to use 
      Uses the 2.0 wizard control to easily guide you step by step. All you need to do is follow the wizard, click “previous” or “next”. It’s as easy as ABC.
     Template based 
     All view interface are template based. You can customize your  own display template, change item  layout or add additional information as your wish.

    Localization support and online help support
       All settings are self-explanatory utilizing the standard DNN help menu system.

5.  Change log

         New in v5.4
   : Rebuild based DNN 7.0+

       New in v5.3
   : "Random Display" feature added based customer feedback

      New in v5.2
   : Rebuild based DNN 6.x
        :Add more help information.

                        New  user interface in 5.2

        New in v5.1
   : Fully compatible with dnn 6.x

        New in v5.0
        : Link url added for dynamic gallery.

      New in v4.9
   : compatible with legacy skins.

        : new option added to turn reflection off.

   : 2 options added to avoid image width/height detection while dynamic generate slideshows.

   : Slideshow option added,also add two options to control slideshow speed and slideshow auto play. Check  auto slideshow demo at

                P2 - Slideshow button

       :Circular option added, if it is checked. Then module will display circular image list. Check circular demo at

       New in v4.5
   : File sort while dynamic generate from folder. You can sort images by file name/modify date/file size.        

                                       P3 - File sorting

        :Reflection background color customize supported.  You can control reflection background color by provide RGB color values.

                              P4 - Reflection background

                            P5 - Customized reflection background

          New in v4.3
  : Added image width/height properties to full compatibility with the Internet Explorer.
        : Added iPhone and iPod Touch support.
        ; Added navigate button option (previous and next buttons)
        : Added disable link option to prevent image link to null url.
        : Packaged css and javascript file to reduce file size.

         New in v4.1
       :Added aspectRatio option (adjusts the relation between the height and width of the ImageFlow container!)
       :Added options to adjust image relations: imagesHeight, imagesM, percentOther, percentLandscape 
       :Added scrollbarP option
       :Improved image resampling with the IE7 (enabled bicubic image resampling)
      New in v4.0
 : New “Image Flow Category” sub module added.
     : 9 options added (preload Images/captions/link target/show scrollbar….). 
: Template supported.
  : Compress js files(now only 10kb)
     : Multiple instances in same page supported
     : Url parameter(FolderId) supported. 
     : Enhance high slide support.  
      If “high slide effect“ is checked. You can single click the centered image or double click any image in the gallery and it will highslide. The highslided image can be arranged by drag 'n drop anywhere on the website.    Note, it will override image link property. 

6  Help and support
      Package contains a user guide.doc for details on how to use this module.

      Online help available through the standard DNN help. 

      Visit our support forum  for any questions regarding issues with this module.
      Using Snowcovered help ticket system to submit your question.
Mail us at if you need more directly assistance (or if you have any improvement suggestion)

7 DNN Version Compatibility
    DNN 7.0+

New Post
10/30/2015 3:01 PM

Won't install:

This package does not appear to be a valid DotNetNuke Extension as it does not have a manifest. Old (legacy) Themes and Containers do not contain manifests. If this package is a legacy Theme or Container Package please check the appropriate radio button below, and click Next.

Version: 07.04.02 (216)

New Post
10/31/2015 5:49 AM
     Unzip the package which you download first, then you will see install package (Carrousel Flow Gallery 5.4 and user guide.

    Let me know if you need more details.
New Post
5/17/2019 7:24 AM

Is this supposed to work with DNN 9+? It installed for me but I cannot position it, the module shows installed in the page settings, I can see the popup for the gear but editing gets me a blank popup. Can you help? Thanks

New Post
5/20/2019 2:10 AM
This is a old module which can't be used in DNN 9.2.2, sorry. It works well on DNN 7.x platform.
HomeHomeDotnetnuke Modu...Dotnetnuke Modu...Carrousel Flow ...Carrousel Flow ...Free DNN 7 module - Carrousel Flow Gallery v5.4 releasedFree DNN 7 module - Carrousel Flow Gallery v5.4 released