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5/20/2010 9:21 AM

                       Silverlight Media Gallery 4.0     Buy it
1.  Introduction
     This is a Ready-to-Use-and-Deploy Silverlight Gallery application which mainly based from the famous open source project - Vertigo Slide.Show2.   It utilizes the slide.show2 control advantages to let you publishing highly-customizable photo/video/audio galleries.
    Visit for live demo.

2.  What's new in v4.0
     2.1:  Dynamic gallery added.
     2.2:  Customize theme added (more than 230 options added to let you control the whole gallery laout)
     2.3:   Integrate jquery to manage slide list more easily
     2.4:   Add more help information on module interface.

3.  Precondition
    1. Dnn 4.x/5.x
    2. Ms silverlight 3.0/4.0

4.  Try before you buy
    We strongly recommend you try this module before you buy. You can
    1. View live demo at
    2. Download trial version at  The trial version has the same features with the official version, but it can only used in localhost domain names.

5.  Silverlight mime type
    Windows 2003 Server does not stream silverlight control by default,you need add its support as following before play it.
    1.On the Windows 2003 server, open the Internet Information Services Manager.
    2.Expand the Local Computer Server.
    3.Right-click the local computer server and select Properties.
    4.Select the MIME Types tab.
    5.Click the New... button and enter the following information:
    6.Associated Extension box: .xap
    7.MIME Type box: application/x-silverlight-app
    8.Click Ok.

.6.  Module Featues

.1. Three  gallery type
v4.0 supports galleries like: 1: Customize Gallery  2 Dynamic gallery(new in v4.0)  3  Flickr Gallery     

Customize gallery allows you define a list of albums, each album can have its own transition style(fade transition/circle in /circle out/ slide down...).  Each album can have multiple slides, slide has properties like title/description/thumbnail/source/link url.
                       Customize gallery - album viewer

     Dymaic Gallery(new in v4.0)  enables you create gallery more quickly. It will automatically scan a specified folder and its sub directories, picking up all the slide(photo/music/video) files and build the gallery for you. Whenever your slide file(or directory) is changed,it will automatic refresh. It makes things more easy because all you need to do is select a specific gallery folder , and then maintain its folder structure and files through other tools(like ftp software), gallery will automatic changed.
       Flickr Gallery enables you integrate your gallery in Flickr. To retrieve image you need provide a valid flickr user name.

     6.2 Photo/Audio/Video
      The slide source file can be set as photo (jpg,jpeg,png,wmf,tiff,gif,exif,emf,bmp) or windows media video(wmv) or music file(mp3,wma).

                 Play audio (wmv/mp3) files.

                    Play windows media video(.wmv) files.
      6.3 Theme based
      A theme is a set of values for the available configuration options that provide a consistent look and feel for a slideshow. Using a theme is the easiest way to configure gallery. The available out-of-the-box themes are: SimpleTheme, LightTheme, and DarkTheme.

                                     Theme list

     V4.0 supports customize theme. It offers  more than 230 options to let you control the whole gallery laout. You can create your unique gallery style by customize these options.

                        Gallery layout element 1

                          Customize theme  (more than 230 options available)
    6.4 Template based 
    Gallery view interface are template based. You can customize your  own display template, change item  layout or add additional information as your wish.

     6.5 Save image 
     V4.0 offer a option to let visitor save current images. You can do this by select “Customize theme“ and check on “Enabled toggle save button“ option.

     6.6 Portable
    Gallery provide a “embed viewer“ function which let you copy currently html code, and put it on external sites, gallery will show as the same.

.7 Add slide from portal folder 
     Slide list can be added one by one , or select a folder then add all its sub photos/videos/audios.
     6.8 Powerful yet easy to use 
      Uses the 2.0 wizard control to easily guide you step by step. All you need to do is follow the wizard, click “previous” or “next”. It’s as easy as ABC.

   6.9 Localization support and online help support
       All settings are self-explanatory utilizing the standard DNN help menu system.

New Post
8/1/2011 9:42 AM
i cannot find the link for trial download, where is it ? thanks
New Post
8/1/2011 8:33 PM

    The trial download has been removed for some reason.  Please give me your mail address( you can send it to or directly reply this post . I will send it to you.

    Thanks for your support.

HomeHomeDotnetnuke Modu...Dotnetnuke Modu...Silverlight Med...Silverlight Med...Silverlight media gallery 4.0 released.Silverlight media gallery 4.0 released.