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Free dnn modules - Child page list - dnn menu,dnn navigation,dnn link

                                                         Child Page List 3.0  (free) 

1. Introduction
    This is a free module from DnnModule.com which can display sub pages list for a selected tab. 

2.Live demo
see left side module.

3.How to get it
   Visit our live store at http://DnnModule.com/Store.aspx  to get it.

5.How to use it
   5.1  After installed like other dnn module, add a module instance to your page, click “Child page settings“.

   5.2   In module settings page, you can config  following options.
     Parent tab:  
     select which tab you want to display its sub pages.Note, if parent page is set as “None Specified“ , then module will display pages from menu root.

     Include current tab: 
     Choose whether to display current tab if it is in sub pages.

     Include invisible tab:  
     By default, a invisible tab will not display in dnn menu, check this option to display it in page list.

    If this option is checked,module will display all child pages from the parent including the child pages of the child pages,i.e. walk the tree from the selected parent tab.

     Display icon(new in v2.5))

     List Template:
    The list view interface is template based, you can customize your own display style and put it under DesktopModules/CrossChildPageList/Template/Defalut folder.

     Columns per row: 
     Enter how many columns you want to display in 1 row.

     Link Target:
    Choose how to open window when visitor click sub page item.    

      5.3  Click “Update“ to save settings.
6.General highlight features

     6.1 Template based
          The list view interface is template based, you can customize your own display style. Note, you need be familiar with .net syntax to make template files.

     6.2  Full localization support and online help support
          All settings are self-explanatory utilizing the standard DNN help menu system     
7. Faqs

      Q.  What dnn version does this module support?
      A. It works in dnn 4.x/5.x/6.x.

     Q. What's the license of this module?
     A. It is a free module (PA and Source code included). You can use it as your wish.