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Dnn product module, dnn catalog module - Classified Product

                                           Classified Product 5.4     Buy it
1.  Introduction
     While online store is popular today, it doesn’t fit for every situation. Sometimes you may just need a module to display classified information and gather feedback from visitors. If it is, this module maybe  the best solution for you.  
     Classified Product 5.4 contains 10 sub modules which offer many exclusive features you may interested. It is one of the best solutions for classified information/ product/ advertisement/ content management.

2.  Try before you buy
   Note, this is a legacy module which works for DNN 5.x only. We have a advanced module called Classified Pro at http://dnnmodule.com/Store/ModuleDetail/tabid/117/ProductId/29/Default.aspx, we strongly recommend you focus our Classified Pro module, leave this module alone.

3.  Module Features
There are 10 sub-modules in this package:  


    3.1  Classified_Product_Admin
    This module is used to maintain general settings/user defined fields/category/product/user file /tag/author/product comment.You only need one instance per portal.

     3.1.1  Admin_General Settings
     “General settings“ is only available for adminitrators. It let you control the basic settings of classified module.

       In “General“ section, you can set
      : Roles which can publish their products. User belong to these roles also can maintain their own files.You can specify user disk quote here.
: Roles which can manage all product list which create by all users.
      : Roles which can manage additional fields to product information.
      : Roles which can manage product categories, you can also limit how many categoires a product can belong.
      : Roles which can manage product tags, you can also limit how many tags a product can belong.
       : Roles which can manage product comments.
       : Roles which can manage authors.
       : Roles which can view product detail by default. Note, each product will have its own view roles.
       : Whether to generate thumbnail and thumbnail size.
       : Decide if product need approval before display. 
:  In “Comment/Rating/Recommend“ sections,you can control whether to enable comment/rating/recommend and choose default roles for them. Note, each product can have its own comment/rating/recommend settings. 

      : In “Download“ section enables you choose product attachments download roles by default.
      : If “Enable seo friendly url“  in “Seo friendly url“ section is checked,module will generate product detail url using product  name.For example,if product  name is "Flash numeric rotator 5.0(5-in-1)",then its detail url will be like http://DnnModule.com/tabid/111/ProductId/17/Flash-numeric-rotator-5-0-5-in-1.aspx. This will improve seo friendly. We recommend customers check this option if your product name is written by English. However,for other language like Chinese,it is better to turn this option off.
      3.1.2  Admin_User defined fields
      Module has many built in fields for product information. But you may need more fields to meets you needs. For example, to publish clothing products, you may need specify its color/size/male or female. to publish dnn modules, you may need specify its dnn platform/asp.net version. With  “User defined fields” feature,you can customize additional fields as easy as ABC

     : Field type can be set as normal types like string/ int/ decimal/ datetime/ date/ time/ Boolean / currency, or special types like  email/ image/ url/ texthtml.
     : Filed has property like name  / title / help text / validate rule /validate message , you can set its default value, and provide a list of available value to let user choose.

                                User defined field detail

     After added, these fields will be treated the same as  the built-in fields. You can modify their data while add/edit product informations. You can choose whether to display them in both Classified_Product_List and Classified_Product_Detail module.  In one words, with user defined fields feature, you can publish varied information as your wish.

    Check http://DnnModule.com/Modules/ClassifiedProduct/Classifiedproductdemo.aspx for live demo. Note in that demo,“Dnn version“/ “trial available“ and “live demo“ fields are user defined fields.
      3.1.3  Admin_Category Manage
     “Category Manage“ is available for both adminitrators and category manage roles. It let you maintain product categories for all users.

    : Unlimited level of categoires supported.
    : A product can belong to multiple categories. 

      3.1.4  Admin_Product Manage
     “Product Manage“ is available for both adminitrators and product manage roles. It let you maintain products created by all users.

     You can edit/delete product item, authorized it, change its active status or set product as featured. Unauthorized and unactive product will not display to visitors.

      3.1.5  Admin_Comment Manage
     “Comment Manage“ is available for both adminitrators and comment manage roles. It let you maintain  comments posted to all products.
     You can authorize/delete comment , unauthorized comment will not display to visitors.

      When a user belong to product edit roles, he will see features as following:

      3.1.6  Admin_User file manager
     “User  file manage“ feature only available to product edit roles. It let user maintain  his folder/file under portal home directory, when add products, he can only choose image / attachment of his own.

     :User can add/delete his own folders.
     :User can upload files to his own folder, it also support decompress zip files while upload.
     : For existing files, user can change its name/attribute, or delete it. It also supports copy/move files under his own folders. User can also decompress zip files.
     :Administrator can limit user disk quote under “General settings - user disk quote“.If user disk quote is reached, he can't upload any files.

      3.1.7  Admin_User product manage
     Click “My Products“ will let user maintain his product lists. It is available for both administrator and product edit roles.     

     :User can add/delete product item, change its active status. He can also select a product item, click the right “copy as new” button to add a new product more quickly. 
     : A product can belong to multiple categories.
     :When administrator add product, he can select product image from all portal files. When other users add product, he can only select product image from his own files.

     :User can add multiple attachments with single product , and choose which roles can download them. Note, user can only select attachments from his own files.
     :If user also belongs to product manage roles,he can change product authorized/featured status by his own.
    :Each product item can has its own view/rating/comment/recommend/attachment view settings.
    :Module will aotumatic generate thumbnail for product image.

     3.1.8  Admin_User comment manage
     Click “My product comments“ will navigate to “User comment manage“ control. It is available for both administrator and product edit roles. It let user maintain  comments posted to his product. User can authorize/delete comment it. Unauthorize comment will not display to visitors.

     3.1.9  Admin_portal tag manage.
      Available for both adminitrators and tag manage roles. It let you maintain product tags created by all users.

    3.2  Classified_Product_List
    This module is used to display product list. You can add multiple instance as you want.
    Click “prodocut list settings“  to control the layout of product list.

     :Classified_Product_List module is template based,you can customize your own templates.
     :Supports two display style: List and grid. List style supports multiple columns per row.
     :In “Category“ section, you can select display products for all categoires or only for certain categories.
     :“Image”  section let you customize the product image layout, set image width/height. It also supports the “light box “ popup effect.
     :“Paing“ section controls the paing information.
     :“Roll“ section provides roll functions
     : “More products“ provides a “more products“ link.
     : “Display content“ section let you control which fields to display in list.
     In “User defined fields“, you can choose user defined fields to display in list.

       You can use above options to generate different display style as your wish. Below is some examples.

                Example 1 ( List style)

                                   Example 2(grid style)

                 Example 3(light box popup effect)

                 Example 4( List with summary)

    3.3  Classified_Product_Dashboard
    This module is used to display dashboard product list via flash. You can add multiple instance as you want.
    Click “dashboard settings“  to open its setttings wizard.

     :This module is also template based,you can customize your own templates.
     :Supports three flash display style: Numeric navigate(classical),Numeric navigate(button free),Numeric navigate(integrative). Each flash  has its own control options.
     :Numeric navigate(classical) can play up to 9 product items. The other two has no limitation.

                       Numeric navigate(classical)

    3.4  Classified_Product_Category
    This module is used to display  product categories. You can add multiple instance as you want.
     : Module is also template based,you can customize your own templates.
     : Supports two  display style: List and Tree.

                  Classified_Product_Category example.

    3.5  Classified_Product_Search
    This module is used to provide  product search. You can add multiple instance as you want.

                      Classified_product_search example

    3.6  Classified_Product_Detail
    This module is used to display  product detail information. Normally you only need 1 instance per portal. In some cases,you can also add multiple instances. For example ,if you need different detail page to display different products. In this case,you need set “product detail page“ option in Classified_Product_List module.

    Click “Detail settings“  to open its setttings control.
    : Module is also template based,you can customize your own templates.
    : You can control product fields to show.
    : Module will automatic add product name as page key words to meet search engineers.
    In “User defined fields“, you can choose user defined fields to display in detail.

                      Classified_product_detail example

    If product allows rating or comments, you can also see the comment information in product detail page.

                      Classified_product_detail comment

   3.7  Classified_product_TagList
    This module is used to display  product tag list. You can add multiple instance to pages..
     Module is also template based,you can customize your own templates.
     Click “Tag list settings“  to open its setttings control.
    3.8  Classified_product_TagDashboard
    Display  product tag list via flash . You can add multiple instance to pages..
     Module is also template based,you can customize your own templates.
     Click “Tag dashboard settings“  to open its setttings control.

     3.9  Classified_product_Author
    Display  product creator list, click each item will display his product list.This module is very useful if you have multiple product edit users.
     Module is also template based,you can customize your own templates.

      3.10  Classified_product_Archive
    Display  product archive by calendar and monthly,works the same as   dnn standard blogs module. Click each item will display related product list.This module is very useful if you publish product s  frequency.
     Module is also template based,you can customize your own templates.

4.  Other highlight features

   4.1 Multiple user support
        Authorized users can maitain their own folder/files and product/comment list.

   4.2  Template based
   All view interfaces (category list/product list /dashboard / product search /product detail/author/tag,etc) are template based, You can customize your own display interface.

  4.3  User defined field support
     You can add additional fields to product information to meet your needs

    4.4  Controllable
      Each sub-module has its own control settings, Module provides more than  520 control parameters, give you the full control of this module.

    4.5 Seach engineer friednly
   Generate product detail url based its name and also add product name/tag to page keywords view product detail.

   4.6 Security assure
   Check user input to prevent malice damage(like sql injection, script include,etc). Module also provide security code to prevent comment spam.

   4.7 Multi-portal support

   4.8 Full localization support with dnn standard online help
    All the fields are self explained with dnn standard online help.

5. Compatibility


Specification              Description                                            
Dnn Version Dnn 5.1 and above.

 Ms sql server 2005/2008 ,Ms  sql server express 2005/2008                                                                                                 

Asp.net framework .net 3.5 and above