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DNN 7 news & article & blog & slideshow module - Cross Article 7.9 - Demo - Show articles (listings) with JavaScript slideshow

       Cross Article is an enterprise-class DNN module that enables multi-user to publish news, articles, blogs, press releases and stories. With the support of customize attributes, it also allows you to publish everything else, like real estate, cars, job listing, product catalogs, classified ads, documents, directory listings or anything else you can think of. In addition to publishing text content, adding videos / audio / pictures / documents to an article are as easy as ABC. It is the ultimate publishing platform for DNN. For more detail, please click here.
      There are over 13 sub modules in Cross Article v7.9. As you can see in our live demo (http://dnnmodule.com/Modules/CrossArticle/DNNArticleModule.aspx), Cross Article can show articles with data list and data grid (via CrossArticle_List sub module). Besides that, it also allows you to show articles with Flash (via CrossArticle_ListDashboard sub module, see "DNN Flash Slideshow module" page). In v7.x, we introduces a new sub module - CrossArticle_Slideshow, to show articles with JavaScript slideshow.

      V7.9 supports 10 type of JavaScript slideshows:    1. Unslider  2. Numeric Rotator  3. Bootstrap Carousel  4.  Carrousel Flow Gallery    5. Lite Accordion 6.  Slidorion.  7. Galleria 8. Pgw Gallery (view demo)  9. Pgw Slider (view demo)  10. Owl Carousel.  Below demos just show part of them.

      We will introduce more slideshow mode in new version of Cross Article. Don't hesitate to tell us if you have any funny slideshow and want to include them in our modules.

CrossArticle_Slideshow sub module demo 1 - "Owl Carousel" slideshow

CrossArticle_Slideshow sub module demo 2 - "Unslider" slideshow

  • DNN 7.2 store / auction / classified ads module - Classified Pro 8.0 ($190)

    15 sub modules include which helps you create an online store, auction site and publish classified ads. Sell everything like real goods/digital files/portal roles/services. Multiple vendors support and template based. Amazon S3/Google Maps/DNN journal integrated. Customize fields support. For DNN 7.2+, 60 days trial available

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  • Cross Bulk Mailer 5.4 - (newsletter, email marketing, Amazon SES, dnn 7.x) - $110

    The best email processing module which can helps you send over 10,000,000 mails easily. Multiple SMTP server and Amazon SES support. Import/export recipients from user roles/excel files. Email open/read and hyperlink click tracking. Opt-in/out, token replacement... For dnn 7.x only.

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  • Cross Video Gallery 6.4 - (Html 5 & Flash Player, video & audio & YouTube, dnn 7.x) - $90

    12 sub modules include and multiple users support. Automatic import YouTube videos and convert videos to .flv or h264 format. Html 5 & Flash player based to support iPhone/iPad/mobile. Template/Customized fields/Ad video/Google video sitemap support. Amazon S3/dnn 7.x social integrate. For dnn 7.x sites

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  • Cross Article 7.5 - dnn 7.x news article & blog module - $75

    12 sub modules include to enable multiple users publish article/blog and attach video/image/audio/document. Convert videos to .flv or h264 format. Template based and customized fields support. Amazon s3/Google Maps integrate.Google news sitemap/web sitemap/journal support. For dnn 7.x only.

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CrossArticle_Slideshow sub module demo 3 - "Numeric Rotator" slideshow

CrossArticle_Slideshow sub module demo 4 - "Bootstrap Carousel" slideshow

CrossArticle_Slideshow sub module demo 5 - "Galleria" slideshow

CrossArticle_Slideshow sub module demo 6 - "Lite Accordion" slideshow

  1. Slide Five

    Slide Five
    Slide Five
  2. Slide Four

    Slide Four
    Slide Four
  3. Slide Three

    Slide Three
    Slide Three
  4. Slide Two

    Slide Two
    Slide Two
  5. Slide One

    Slide One
    Slide One

CrossArticle_Slideshow sub module demo 7 - "Carousel Flow Gallery" mode

Photo 7 - Grass Photo 6 - Road Photo 4 - Lake Photo 3 - Sky Photo 2 - Follower Photo 1 - Tree

CrossArticle_Slideshow sub module demo 8 - "Slidorion" mode

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