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CrossArticle_List sub module demo - Responsive Layout Support

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Cross Article module demo - Responsive Layout Support

     Cross Article is an enterprise-class DNN module that enables multi-user to publish news, articles, blogs, press releases and stories. With the support of custom attributes, it also allows you to publish everything else, like real estate, cars, job listing, product catalogs, classified ads, directory listings or anything else you can think of. In addition to publishing text content, adding videos / audio / pictures / documents to an article are as easy as ABC. For more detail, please click here.
     There are 13 sub modules in Cross Article 7.7 package. All these sub modules are template based, you can create more beautiful (and elegant) layout to meet your needs. Note, these sub modules also support Responsive Layout, so in combination with responsive skins they will adjust to smartphone and tablet screens.

      This page is a example of its Responsive Layout support. As you can see, the CrossArticle_List sub module will show 5 items per row by default. However, when you visit this page via iPhone/iPad/Mobile/Tablet, it will automatic adjust to 1 item (or 2 items, depends your device width) per row to meet your device width.  You can also  visit current page with Firefox, then press ctrl+shift+m, to simulate different device width, and check its responsive layout support.

      Note, other modules of us (like "Classified Pro v8.2", "Cross Video Gallery v6.5", "Cross Photo Gallery v5.9") can also supports responsive layout using same way.