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     This page is mainly used to demonstrate our Cross Photo Gallery module. It is an enterprise-class DNN module that enables multi-user to publish their albums/photos and attach videos/audios/documents as easy as ABC. It also support import albums/photos/tags from Flickr and Picasa. Click here to view more detail.

     There are 14 sub modules in Cross Photo Gallery v5.8. As you can see in our live demos, it can show albums/photos with data list and data grid (via CrossPhoto_Album and CrossPhoto_Photo sub module). Besides that, it also allows you to show albums/photos with Adobe Flash slideshow (via CrossPhoto_ListDashboard sub module) and MS Silverlight (via CrossPhoto_Silverlight sub module). In v5.8, we introduce a new sub module - CrossPhoto_Slideshow, to show albums/photos with JavaScript slideshow. And since JavaScript slideshow is mobile compatible, so you can run these slideshows on both PC and Mobile (iPhone/iPad/Android, etc).

      CrossPhoto_Album sub module is used to display albums (with data list or data grid). In this page, you will see how CrossPhoto_Album sub module works with other sub modules (CrossPhoto_Gallery, CrossPhoto_Category, CrossPhoto_TagList, CrossPhoto_Archive, CrossPhoto_Search ...etc).  You can also visit our Photo List page to see how CrossPhoto_Photo sub module works.





(0 pics)
album(1 pics)
bones(1 pics)
dailycommute(1 pics)
Dog(4 pics)
fun(1 pics)
golden retriever(2 pics)
Grass(1 pics)
joy(1 pics)
life(1 pics)
love(1 pics)
Pet(2 pics)
SanBao(2 pics)
second(1 pics)
sun(1 pics)
wedding(1 pics)
风景(1 pics)

CrossPhoto_Album sub module demo 1 - paging, search, show photos after click

    Input album title   Sort By Page    
San Bao 12  13 
24 Pics
56673 159
Wedding 0  1 
11 Pics
26553 80
Basketball 17  16 
7 Pics
17634 35

  Sum:6 Size:3 Page:1 of 21 2 Next   

CrossPhoto_Album sub module demo 2 - protected album with summary

   This is a protected album. Protected password is dnn. Protected albums can be view by site administrator and album owner directly, other users need to input correct password before view it.

CrossPhoto_Album sub module demo 3 - show photos in current module, popup after click

San Bao

CrossPhoto_Album sub module demo 4 - display via data grid, show photos in another page after click

  Title Photos Rating Views Comments Recommend
San Bao 24 Pics 56673 159 12  13 
Wedding 11 Pics 26553 80 0  1 

CrossPhoto_Album sub module demo 5 - display albums which retireved from Flickr