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Cross Photo Gallery demo - import albums / photos from Flickr | DNN Flickr module

      Cross Photo Gallery is an enterprise-class DNN module that enables multi-user to publish their albums/photos and attach videos/audio/documents as easy as ABC. It also allows user to import albums/photos from Flickr (and Picasa) easily.

     User only needs to provide his Flickr account, Cross Photo Gallery will automatic check these accounts using DNN schedule jobs.  When it finds that there are  new albums (photos) in these accounts, it will automatic import them. Check below for live demo.

CrossPhoto_Album sub module demo 6 - show albums which are imported from Flickr

    Input album title   Sort By Page    
2 Pics
8683 10
1 Pics
6805 5

  Sum:2 Size:20 Page:1 of 1