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Flash media gallery - dnn media gallery module,dnn flash module

                                  Flash Media Gallery 3.9   Buy it
     This powerful module allows you to quickly create a multi-category gallery and display images, videos, text and swf files along with music. The gallery will automatically scan a specified folder, picking up all the relevant files and build the navigation for you. With over 100 settings, you can make the gallery a unique expression of your own personal tastes.
     It supports media files like:
      1: Image (jpg,jpeg,png)
      2: Flash video (flv)
      3: Mp3 music (mp3)
      4: Flash movie (swf)
      5: Text/html(txt,html,htm).
     Besides local media files, module also allows you play external media items or create external links. In “External Media" section, create an xml document anywhere within your directory structure will let you insert external media item into gallery. 

Flash media gallery demo