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Dnn photo gallery module,dnn slide show module - Silverlight carousel magazine

        Silverlight Carousel Magazine 4.2    View Demo   Buy it 

         This is a Ready-to-Use-and-Deploy Silverlight Magazine module for dotnetnuke which based a few Microsoft Silverlight sample projects. It supports display multiple-magazines at the same time using the carousel style, each magazine can have up to 99  pages.  Very cool.

What's new in v4.2
  :A few options added to control the width/height of Spinner/Popup Magazine/Image page , you can change these options to fit gallery width/height..
Added localization to silverlight controls, now this module is 100% localization supported.

What's new in v4.1
  :Upgrade silverlight library from 1.0 to 2.0 , which is vital while using Firefox 3.0.
  :Improve gallery load speed .
  :Rewrote help document.

What's new in
      New “Gallery Category” sub module added 
     "Gallery Category” is an independent module which provides category list navigation for silverlight carousel magazine module instance.  Each category corresponds a folder under portal site. It has properties like title, image, and description. Click category item will display specific images  under  its sub directories in silverlight carousel magazine instance. This module can be put on the same page with silverlight carousel magazine module instance, or put on different page (In this case you need specify which page the silverlight carousel magazine module instance exists).

    This sub module is very useful when you have multiple galleries. In previous edition you need add different carousel magazine instance for each gallery. Now you only need one instance by using “Gallery Category” sub module. 
     Customize url parameter supported
     Besides using “Gallery Category” module, you can also customize your own url parameters by provider  “FolderId” and “GalleryTitle” parameters.  For example, if silverlight carousel magazine module instance  is http://DnnModule.com/tabid/300/default.aspx, and you have a folder which id is 700, then input http://DnnModule.com/tabid/300/FolderId/700/default.aspx   will display images under its sub directories,  and http://DnnModule.com/tabid/300/FolderId/700/GalleryTitle/Ok/default.aspx, will display images  and change module title as “OK”.

What's new in v3.5

        :Rewrote help system, added more help tips on module interface.
        :Remove unnecessary padding in Firefox browser.
        :Added “Gallery Title“ option, now you can change the default “Silverlight Magazine“ title.
         New feature
        :Dynamic gallery play mode.
        "Dynamic gallery”  play mode enables you create gallery more quickly. Simply spedicy a folder, it will automatically scan its sub directories and build the album for you. Whenever your image files (or directory) is changed, it will automatic refresh. It makes things more easy because all you need to do is select a specific gallery folder, and then maintain its folder structure and images through other tools(like ftp software), gallery will automatic changed

     Module Screen

Click magazine thumbnail will let your view its pages or download it(if you specify a download url)

You can drag- drop/resize/rotate/move magazine as you wish when viewing

When view each magazine pages, you can use the traditional flip or use the thumbnail navigate bar.