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Silverlight panorama viewer demo

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Dnn modules - Silverlight panorama viewer - dnn panorama module

                                   Silverlight Panorama Viewer 3.0   Buy it
     This module enables you view panorama files(jpg,jpeg and QuickTime QTVR (*.mov)) with 36o degree and 2D style. Panorama files could be a local path or from remote url. Visitors can also open local panorama files from his/her computer..  

    What's new in v3.0
    : Upgrade to Silverlight 3.0
    : A few options added, like display panorama list/background music/zoom/load progress.
    : KRP/FPP/FPP0 file type support.

      KRP = KRpano XML file containing a cubic panorama (simple or multi-resolution)
      For example: http://mydomain.com/panos/bluesky.xml, For multi-resolution cubes, the layer with maximal height below 2000 pixels is chosen. 

      FPP = Flash Panorama Player file with suffixes '_l', '_f', '_r', '_b'
      FPP0 = Flash Panorama Player file with suffixes '_0', '_1', '_2', '_3'
      A cubic panorama is stored as six face-files. Each face-file ends with a suffix. For example - subfolder "vacation" contains four photos named pano1_l.jpg, pano1_f.jpg, pano1_r.jpg and pano1_b.jpg. Suffix "_l" means "left face", "_f" is the front face, "_r" is the right face and "_b" is the back face photo. Faces "_u" (up) and "_d" (down) are ignored.
      Viewer features
      Control panel opens automatically by moving the mouse to top or bottom of the image.
      Full-Screen switch - click on panorama and press spacebar, or hit  from control panel   
      Zoom in and out: use the control panel buttons, keyboard keys ( )(-) or the mouse wheel. 
      Keyboard and mouse controlled movement with variable speed.
      Screensaver mode: automatic horizontal rotation with speed choice.
      Open local panorama files from your computer. Supported file types are JPEG (*.jpg) and QuickTime QTVR (*.mov).
      Load files from Internet sites with authorization (Flickr, VRmag, etc.) . 

      Module features
      :View interface is template based,you can customize your own display layout.
      :Wizards settings interface, easy to use.
      :Support 3 panorama list
           A:Customize panorama list
           B:Dynamic generate from folder
           C:Using existing xml.
        :Localization support 
        :Dnn standard help support for every setting option.
        This module is based a  plug-in from SilverlightOnly.com. Thanks.

       More information.
       There are many other features in this module .Click snowcovered for more detail.