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Silverlight photo gallery demo_Dynamic gallery

Silverlight photo gallery demo_Dynamic gallery

                               Silverlight Photo Gallery 5.6   Buy it

      This is a Ready-to-Use-and-Deploy Silverlight Gallery application which mainly based from the famous open source project - Slide.Show.  It utilizes the slide.show control advantages to let you publishing highly-customizable photo galleries.

       Package contains two sub modules: Photo Gallery and Gallery Category.  Photo Gallery is used to display photo slideshows and Gallery Category is used to provide gallery list navigation for photo gallery module instance.

     This sub module is very useful when you have multiple galleries. In previous edition you need add different photo gallery instance for each gallery. Now you only need one instance by using “Gallery Category” sub module.

2.  Photo Gallery Module Featue
      Photo Gallery is used to display photo slideshows. It supports galleries like:
      1:Dynamic Gallery
      2:Customize Gallery        
      3: Simple Slideshow
      4: Flickr Gallery
      5: Picasa Gallery
      6: SmugMug Gallery(new in v4.8)
       2.1 Customize Gallery       View demo
       Customize gallery allows you define a list of albums, and add image slide to each album.Each album can have its own transition style(fade transition/shape transition/slide transition/wipe transition).  It is the typical usage.
        2.2 Dynamic Gallery    see above demo
       Dymaic Gallery is a amazing feature , it enables  you create gallery in just one minute. Simply spedicy a folder, It will  automatically scan its and its sub directories, picking up all the images files and build the album for you. Whenever your image file(or directory) is changed,it will automatic refresh. It makes things more easy because all you need to do is select a specific gallery folder , and then maintain its folder structure and files through other tools(like ftp software), gallery will automatic changed.

      2.3  Simple Slideshow    View demo
      Simple Slideshow acts like a normal image rotator. It allows you add a list of iamges and then rotator them. The rotator transition can be selected from fade transition/shape transition/slide transition and wipe transition.

       2.4 Flickr Gallery  View demo
       Flickr Gallery enables you integrate your gallery in Flickr. To retrieve image you need provide a valid flickr user name.

       2.5 Picasa Gallery
       Picasa Gallery enables you integrate your gallery in Picasa. Unlike Fickr, it only need  a valid Picasa user name to retireve images.

       2.6 SmugMug Gallery    
       SmugMug(http://www.SmugMug.com) is a family business dedicated site which offers easy, beautiful, ad-free photo-sharing. 
      You can retrieve images  to show a single album from any smugmug account (provided those albumss are public) by simply providing the albumId and albumKey. You can get the id and key for any album by selecting that album on the smugmug site and looking at the end of the url, it is in the format of it is in the format of http://user.smugmug.com/gallery/albumId_albumKey#ImageId.

      You can also provide a  nickname of SmugMug account to retrieve all public albums of that account