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DNN video & audio & photo module - Ultra Flash Player - Demo - Html5 and Flash Video (Audio) Player

     Ultra Flash Player is a 23-in-1 video & audio & image player module for DNN 7.x. The "Html 5 & Flash Video (Audio) Player" is a new feature which introduced in Ultra Flash Player 8.  It is the world's most popular HTML5/Flash component embeddable media player for websites. It supports a wide array of platforms (including robust mobile support) and media formats (videos files like mp4, webm, flv, audio files like aac, m4a, f4a, mp3, ogg, oga, and also YouTube video url).

    It automatically selects the best playback (html 5 or flash) for your viewer's device and browser, so you deliver unparalleled video/audio experience on iPhone, iPad, Android, Mobile, and the Desktop. We strongly recommend you choose this player to play your videos & audios.

     In the first demo, we use the  "Html 5 & Flash Video (Audio) Player" to play mp4 videos. You will see Ultra Flash Player plays them with html5 so you can watch them with both pc and iphone/ipad/mobile.

      In the second demo, we use "Html 5 & Flash Video (Audio) Player" to play .flv videos. Since .flv video is not supported in html5, so Ultra Flash Player will play them with flash component.
     In the third demo, we use "Html 5 & Flash Video (Audio) Player"  to play mp3 audios. Again, you will see these audios are played via html5 because .mp3 file is supported by html5.

Demo 1 - Play mp4 videos with html5 syntax to support both pc and iphone/ipad/mobile

Demo 2 - Play .flv videos with flash component for pc only

Demo 3 - Play .mp3 audios with html 5 syntax to support both pc & iphone/ipad/mobile