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Free dnn modules - Video handler pro - dnn video encoding module

                             Video handler pro 2.2     Buy it
1.  Introduction
     This is a video encoding and  publishing tool for dnn. It supports convert videos and audios from one format to another format, split video ,encode images to video ,extract audio, grab thumbnails, and post watermark on videos on the fly. It capables of handling a multitude of videos including:

      1    Flash Video (.flv)    
      2    Microsoft WMV 1/2/3 (.wmv, .asf)
      3    Apple QuickTime(.mov)
      4    DivX/XVID/Motion Jpeg(.avi)
      5    Mpeg-2 encoded DVD video(.mpg,.vod)
      6    Mpeg 1/2(.mpg,.mpeg,.mpe)
      7    Mobile phone video format(.3gp)
      8    Apple/Sony mp4(.mp4,.mp4v,.m4v)

      Note,this module is mainly designed for video handler. if you also want to a module which can play multiple medias(mp3,flv,rtmp,jpg,png,gif,swf,rbs,3gp,mp4,m4v,wmv,wma,avi,asf,mov), check our Ultra Flash Player 6.1 (16-in1)  at http://www.snowcovered.com/Snowcovered2/Default.aspx?tabid=242&PackageID=12931.

 2.  What's new in v2.2
      1.  Split video into small clips
      2.  Encode sequence images to video

3.  General highlight features

      Powerful yet easy to use 
      Uses the asp.net 2.0 wizard control to easily guide you step by step. All you need to do is follow the wizard, click “previous” or “next”. It’s as easy as ABC

     Full localization support and online help support
       All settings are self-explanatory utilizing the standard DNN help menu system.

4. Upgrade discount
      All modules from DnnModule.com are customer-driven. This module is requested by many of our customers, it can't be making out without customers help . As a return to their favor, we carry a long term policy as to offer 99%(sometimes 100%) upgrade discount for new version.

5.Screen shots and feature detail
      5-1  Video List
       Valid video type include wmv,avi,mp4,3gp,mpg,mov,mpe,divx,flv,m4v files. Click
"Add video" to add single item to list, click "Add Folder " to add all videos under that directory to list.

                                              Video list 

      5-2  Convert Video  
       It supports encoding and publishing videos to flv/3gp/avi/mpg/m4v/mov/mp4/wmv files. You can also extract video audio to mp3/m4a/wma audio types. Additionally,there is  a wide range of flashvars (settings) for tweaking both behavior and appearance and an extensive.

                                                                  Video convert
        Module also allows you post watermark to target video while converting

                                 Post watermark to target videos                           

     5-3  Post watermark to source file
      This feature allows you post watermark to original videos (don't need convert).

                                  Post watermark to original videos.

      5-4  Grab single image       
      Enter time in seconds or "hh:mm:ss" in video from where you want to capture thumbnail, module will capture it.

                                             Grab single image

     5-5  Grab multiple images  
     Allows you capture up to 9999 images for each video.

                                           Grab multiple images

      5-6  Split video  
     Allows you split video into samll clips. Sub clips will named as [index]_videoname,like 0_nba.flv,1_nba.flv. Most of them are split into same duration except the last one. For example, if you split a 85 seconds video into 3, then the first two clips are 28 seconds but the 3th clip will be 29 seconds.

                                               Split video into small clips
      5-7  Encode sequence images to video  
     Allows you encode sequence images(like images from webcam or digital camera) to video(mpg/avi). Video can also has a background music( mp3/wmv).
     Note, currently  image transition is not controllable, so this funtion is only ideal for encode large amout images(like 999 images). Images also must follow sequence number and can't skip.    

                                           Encode sequence images to video

       5-8  Synchronize Files 
       Enables you add new generated videos(images) into portal file strucutre. After synchronize ,you can view them under dnn standard “Admin - File manage” menu. 

      Note, this function is just the shortcut of “Synchronize File “ function( with “recursive“ option check) in “Admin - File Manager“ menu.

                                                Synchronize files

6  Module Prerequisites
    1.Dnn 4.x/5.x.
    2. Require that Full Trust Level to be set in machine.config file while using ASP.NET 2.0 or later. By default this configuration is already set on local systems but it must be set on production servers. 
    While most of shared hosting support full trust level configuration,some may not support.   You can download our free “Trust Level Test” module at http://DnnModule.com/portals/0/FreeDownload/TrustLevelTest.zip to test it first.

7  Help and support
      Package contains a user guide.doc for details on how to use this module.
      Online help available through the standard DNN help. 

      Visit our support forum  for any questions regarding issues with this module.
      Using Snowcovered help ticket syetem to submit your question.

Mail us at xiaoqi98#msn.com if you need more directly assistance(or if you have any improvement suggestion)


 8 Version Difference
  Video handler pro 2.2  Enterprise Edition Enterprise Edition W/src
Private Assembly Yes Yes Yes
Module Source(C#) No No Yes
Production Installation License(PIL) 1 PIL with unlimited sub portals Unlimited PIL Unlimited PIL

 9 DNN Version Compatibility
    Dnn 4.x/5.x and higher