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Free dnn modules - Cross Visitor Tracking - Integrate Google Analytics & Ms Bing

                                                                   Cross Visitor Tracking 5.0 (free)  

1. Introduction
     With this module, you can integrate Google Analytics and Ms Bing search engine to your dnn website easily, both module and skin object are supplied.
     It is  one of the highest ratings module on Snowcovered.com since it is released on 2007. We sold it as 29.99 before.In year 2011,we release it as free as a return to dnn community.

     We have receive many suggestions about this module. Recently some customers suggested us to upgrade this module to dnn 6.x platform, so we rebuild this module based dnn 6.x to meet their needs.

     Please note, v5.0 can only be used on dnn 6.x sites. If your site still on dnn 5.x/4.x, please visit http://www.snowcovered.com/Snowcovered2/Default.aspx?tabid=242&PackageID=20463 to get v4.1 instead.

 2. What's new in v5.0
    1. Rebuild based dnn 6.x
    2. Add more help information.

3. How to get it
3.1 Visit http://DnnModule.com/Store/ModuleDetail/tabid/117/ProductId/11/Default.aspx to buy it on our site with $0.00 . If you want to get source code, you can get it there with $1.00 only.

    3.2 Buy install package (souce code not include)  on snowcovered.com with $0.00

4.Module admin screen shots

4.1 Google Analytics basic settings

3.2 Google Analytics advanced Settings

3.3 Google Analytics host Level tracking settings

3.4 Ms Bing search engine settings 
    Ms Bing search engine settings is simpler than Google Analytics settings, we proivde detail information to let you integrate it to you site..

4. Module features

      Host level tracking support

      As we know, dnn supports multiple portals in one installation. You can configure tracking so that data from multiple website installations is aggregated in one reporting profile in your Analytics account.
      For example,you have three independence portals(DnnModule.com,www.dnnskins.cn,www.dnnfree.cn) and you want to track visitor activity across those properties to your Google account "UA_12345_1" ,then you can input "UA_12345_1" in host track account textbox and select related portals in track portal list.
       If you want track all your portals, simply check “Track all portals“ option.
Note, this track has no influence to your site tracking and it is only available to host account(super user).

      Use the new Google Analytics tracking code(ga.js) instead the old urchin.js

      Tracking a page in multiple accounts support
      A single page may be significant to several accounts, enables you track a page in multiple Google Analytics accounts.

     Customize additional search engines
     By default, Google Analytics recognizes many of the Internet's most common search engines, but you can easily customize this list by adding your own search engines.

     Customize data sample rate
     Traffic too high? Need faster long term data trends? Simplify by specifying a sample size that's more manageable to analyze.
      By default, Google Analytics tracks every visitor. If you would like to implement a sampling rate instead, you can enter your preferred rate. For example, enter 50 to set sample rate at 50%.
    Restrict cookie data to a subdirectory

     It enables you control where your Google Analytics first-party cookies are set to (in case you only own a subdirectory on your domain).

     Control session timeout
      By default, Google Analytics considers a session timeout to be 30 minutes, or 1800 seconds. You have the option to modify the number of seconds.For example ,input 3600 to set seesion timeout as 60 minutes.

     Control campaign conversion timeout
     Google Analytics credits a campaign if conversion happens within six months, but you can adapt the timeout to your unique business needs.

     Control data collection settings
     By default Google Analytics will track an optimal set of data elements, such as Flash versions and web browser information. You have the option to turn this detection off meet to your needs.

     Rename page url support
     If the URLs of your pages are long and cumbersome, or if the URL doesn't change as visitors navigate your site, you can rename the pagename as you see fit.
For example, if your original url in Google analytics report is "Modules/UltraFlashPlayer/tabid/12616/Default.aspx", you can simply rename it as "UltraFlashPlayer".
      Note that this change will prevent the Site Overlay report from working properly, since the Analytics system will no longer be able to associate the pageviews in your reports with the actual link structure within the HTML on your site. For more detail, please see http://www.google.com/support/googleanalytics/bin/answer.py?answer=55485&query=page&topic=&type=

     Customer define segment support
      In addition to segmenting users along pre-defined segments such as geographic region and language preference, Google Analytics allows you to define custom segments and analyze the behavior of each segment. For more detail about Google Analytics segment benefits, please visit http://www.google.com/support/analytics/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=27219.
You can segment by

    : None, don’t segment. It is the default value.
    : User roles, segment by user roles, we recommend this option.
     : User Name, segment by user log name, select this option only when your site does not have too much register users(less than 30, I think). Too much users will make your segment fussy.
     : User Display Name, segment by user display name. Once again, select this option only when your site doesn’t have too much register users.

     Track subdomains in one profile
     If you site cross more than one subdomains and you want to track them in one profile. For example, if you have three portals(help.DnnModule.com / sales.DnnModule.com/ DnnModule.com), and you want track these sites in one profile. You can specify primary domain like below.

Note, this function is not the same as host level tracking.
For more detail about track subdomains in one profile, please visit https://www.google.com/support/googleanalytics/bin/answer.py?answer=55524&topic=7295
      SSL(Secure socket layer) support
      SSL(secure cocket layer) is the most important feature introduces by DNN since 4.5.4. It can help you gaining the trust of online customers.It is vital for the success of e-commerce.For more detail ,please click here.

     Automatic hide its container
     Normally you don’t want your visitor see your module interface. now you can uncheck “Display container” option to achieve this.

     Display module on all pages
     Check this option to let Google track every page of your site .It's the same function as “Settings – Page Settings – Advanced Settings - Display module on all pages?” option.But it's more handy.

     Can exclude site administrator / super user / specific roles/ specific users activity
      Besides site administrator/super user, v3.2 also allows you exclude specific roles/users activities.
      Can be used as module and skin object
      You can use it like other modules. Or you can add it to your skin files as other skin objects.

      Can exclude specify ip address
      This feature enables you exclude specific ip address. Using comma to separate more than one ip address.For example ,input, to exclude both of these ip addess.Note, you can use  regular expression to exclude a certain scope ip addess.For example,input 192.168.1.* to exclude ip address from to

     Ms Bing search engine supported(new in v4.0)
     Full localization support with dnn standard help

     Multi-Portal Support

5.Use it as skin object

     Use it as skin object is another way to get the same effect as module.

(1): Open your skin file(.ascx file),register it like other skin objects
. (2) Add it to skin , Like this
    There are 23 properties (GoogleAccount/HostTrackAccount/HostTrackPortalId/SetAllowLinker/PrimaryDomain/Segment/ExcludeAdministrator/ExcludeSuperUser/
/ExcludeUsers/ScriptPosition/ExcludeIp/UsePageTrackerVariable) corresponding the module functions. you can set as you like.


     Q. What dnn version does this module support?
    A. It works in dnn6.x only.

    Q. How to obtain the Google Analytics Account for my site?
    A. Visit http://www.google.com/analytics.

     Q. After installed this module, where can I find the Google Analytics charts?
     A. You need visit http://www.google.cn/analytics/ ,log on with your Google Account to see the analytics charts.

      Q.I have setup the module and Google analytics. It says ‘receiving data’ but when I click view reports, I only see zero visitor and zero everything. What could be happening?
      A.Don’t worry about that. If it say “receiving data”, it means everything goes smooth. As for empty visitor data ,Google Analytics need one or two days to gather data and display it. Its statistics is not real time, but has one or two days delay. So ,just wait a few days to see what happened.

     Q. I installed this module and set its Google analytics account, but can’t see its analytics script when log out, why?
     A. Please make sure the view permission of this module is open for “All Users”. I have a customer set this module permission to “Administrator” only, result incorrect statistic.

     Q. I choose segment, where can I see the segment results?
     A. Log http://www.google.com/analytics ,you can view conversion behavior for each of your custom segments in the Marketing Optimization > Visitor Segment Performance > User-Defined report. Also, many other reports allow you to cross-analyze data according to visitor segment. To cross-analyze, click the Analysis Options button at the far left of any entry in most reports. Select User-Defined to view your custom segments.

      Q. I choose segment by user roles, what’s the segment results if user belong multi-roles?
      A. As we know, a user of dnn portal can belong to more than one roles. For example, if a user belong to Register Users/Vip Role/ Administrators, then he will be segment to Register Users | Vip Roles |Administrators (use “|” to separator roles).

     Q. What about the anonymous users segment results?
     A. They will be segment to Google standard user-defined type as “(not set)” .

     Q. How can I use this module to track download of files(how many times a specific file on my site is downloaded)?
       A. You can do it by make a little change , as followings.
     (1) Add module to page, and input track account for your web site. Make sure you change "Basic Settings - Script Position" as "Top".

   (2)Now module can track your page. For track download of files, you need  make some change. 
You can find more information at http://www.google.com/support/analytics/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=55529. Note ,the example of Google use 'pageTracker._trackPageview' ,but if you use our module, you should change it as "pageTracker0._trackPageview" or check “Use pageTracker Variable “  option in “Advanced settings“.