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Cross Bulk Mailer module showcase

fabolo... für fantasievolle Geschenke!
  Internetauftritt fabolo ....makes the difference, dekorative Erlebniswelten für fantasievolle Geschenke, schöner verpacken, verpacken einfach gemacht,
دمو دات نت نیوک
  A Iran site which uses Cross Bulk Mailer module
NewsLetter Codiscos
  Send newsletter with cross bulk mailer module.
MAMM - Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellín
  A site which uses Cross Bulk Mailer to send newsletters.
PA CareerLink Lehigh Valley
  Our VISION is to build an economically viable community by providing effective, responsive, user friendly and valued programs that develop, deliver and sustain a quality workforce. Subscribe our newsletters (which is processed by Cross Bulk Mailer module) to get more details.
DoooX - the healthcare community
  Join DoooX® – the world's leading dental community with over 130.000 members. Join our webinars, courses, newsletters (which processed by Cross Bulk Mailer) and share your knowledge in our forums.
  Quiservice - a site from Italy, which uses delivery over 100,000 emails per month based Cross Bulk Mailer (with Amazon SES service).
Flar-up music
   Welcome to the home of flarup music. We send newsletters to over 25,000 subscribers using Cross Bulk Mailer module. It works great.


Classified Pro module showcase

کالا قسطی
  Another Iran store which uses Classified Pro
  Russian language site which sells antique and second hand books and other collectables. The site sales are conducted by different vendors. It’s 100% localized. The site owner also maintains a unique database of the book auctions held in the past ten years in Moscow.
   http://office-profi.ru/ is the personal website of our old friend - Vladimir Merkoulov. He has helped us a lot to improve Classified Pro module.
A Iran Store
  A Iran Store which based Classified Pro
  toranjeabi.com, a Iran store which based Classified Pro v8.0
Welcome to Ace & TJ's Grin Kids
  Ace & TJ’s Grin Kids rely on the generosity of our partners and supporters to assist us in our on-going mission to provide disabled children a once in a lifetime trip to Disney World. Your gift will directly impact the life of each child, their family and loved ones. You can donate at http://www.grinkids.org/en-us/donate.aspx (based Classified Pro v7.0).
  A Iran site which is based Classified Pro v8.0. Customer created a few product list templates, these templates look beautiful and elegant, also are fully responsive.
Your Portal for Broken and Discontinued Items
  De-Fect. com is an on-line auction in which individuals and businesses buy and sell anything that has been discontinued and/is/are broken. The concept inspired us due to the lack of specific websites that are dedicated to the Collector/Restorer/Hobbyist.
Arne Benoni Countrified
  Arne Benoni's music albums for sale
  Website dedicated to the creation and sale of application for smartphone android, iphone and ipad

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Cross Article module showcase

  River Region News - a USA site based Cross Article v8.5.
Alliance Town Center
  Shopping, Dining, Entertaiment at Alliance Town Center. 817-224-6000 9800 Hillwood Pkwy, Fort Worth, TX 76177
America West Trailer Sales
  Horse Trailers, Cargo Trailers, Car Trailers, Flatbed Trailers, Horses, and Farm Equipment offered to you by America West Trailer Sales in Hermiston, Oregon, Just off I-84.
Monday Monday - Jay Breakstone
  Monday Monday - Jay Breakstone, view our articles (which is created via Cross Article module) at http://www.monday-monday.yourlawyer.com.
   A site which comes from Iran, which uses Cross Article module to process their news articles.
Child care info
   ChildCareInfo.com's mission is to bridge the gap of communication in the child care profession by enabling child care professionals, organizations and parents to interact with one another... Visit our articles while presented by Cross Article module at http://childcareinfo.com/ChildrensPlace.aspx.
Teatrium at Serpukhovka
  The official site of the modern theatre complex Teatrium on Serpukhovka directed by Tereza Durova. The Teatrium’s popular projects include the International Festival of Performances for Children "Gavrosh", "A Star Reads a Fairy Tale" and the charitable project "Prazdnik Sladkoezhki" ("The Sweet Tooth Holiday").
Foundation "Russian-Polish Centre For Dialogue And Understanding"
  The official Russian site of the Russian-Polish Centre For Dialogue And Understanding.
   Another Russian site which use Cross Article module to publish variant information.
  A site from Russian

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Cross video gallery module showcase

EN Media
  Welcome to the new and improved Encounters Network media portal. We hope you find the time spent here enjoyable and enlightening. Check our videos at http://www.enmedia.org/Video/AllVideos.aspx which are created by Cross Video Gallery module.
BreakThrough Community Church
  BreakThrough Community Church, visit our videos at http://bccsite.pacosoftonline.com/Videos/SeriesArchiveLatest/tabid/981/VideoCategoryId/16/VideoTypeId/1/Default.aspx (which based Cross Video Gallery v6.4 module)
C Triple A
  Chiropractic Assistants Association of Australasia
Club Management Software
  The best online club management tool for your team! View live video to see how we do it. These videos are presented by Cross Video Gallery module and it works great.
Words2Eat:Words Inspired by God
  Words2Eat is an online portal where words inspired by God can be found, prayer & praise, community discussions, W2E directory and more. Learn about Faith in God, Jesus Christ, Spirituality and grow in the Christian faith, Christian resources including articles, videos, podcasts, and more.
Center for experiential learning and leadership
   The mission of the Center for Experiential Learning and Leadership (CELL) is to provide students and faculty with opportunities to demonstrate and apply knowledge in a real life situation. Visit https://in-engr-cell.ads.iu.edu/site/Videos.aspx to view our tutors videos.
Super Horse World
   Super horse world, post horses/saddles/products/services/real estates/videos... as your wish. These features are handled by Classified Pro module and Cross Video Gallery module. Great modules.
Krazy Buzz
  Night clubs,Parties,Concerts and upcoming events. View our videos at http://www.krazybuzz.com/web/Videos.aspx.
  Where we meet each other to complete one another

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Silverlight photo gallery module showcase

Jill's Photo Gallery
  View my photo gallery which retrieve from SmugMug.
Wardani Design Website
   Jasmin Wardani’s design office and show room stands for innovative contemporary designs mixed with a touch of Oriental charm.
Hakon's good ideas
  Our gallery which retrieved from Flickr
Lathans Online
   View our photo gallery which retrieve from Flickr
Master Pools Guild, Inc.
Loebs + Gordon Poolcraft
  East Hampton, NY
Platinum Poolcare, Ltd.
  Wheeling, IL
Morehead Pools
  Escondido, CA
Rin Robyn Pools
  Bernardsville, NJ
Questar Pools and Spas, Inc.
  Escondido, CA
Rugged Class Waterfalls & Pools
  Yakima, WA
Rosebrook Pools, Inc.
  Libertyville, IL
The Swimming Man
  Austin, TX
Stone Mason of Spring
  Montgomery, TX
Water In Transit
  Franklin, TN
Valley Pool and Spa
  Kelowna, BC, Canada
Luxury Pools
   The World Registry of Elite Pool Designers & Builders
Pool & Spa Outdoor Design
   View our photo gallery below to see the Top Ten Fabulous Pools of the month.
Glencoe Park District
  Established in 1912 and is located in Glencoe, Illinois.
FotoClub Ef Elf
  Welcome FotoClub


Silverlight carousel magazine module showcase

Ozdent company
  Founded as a pure business-to-business dental wholesaler, Ozdent has combined top-quality dental supply products, knowledgeable employees and unparalleled service to earn a reputation for meeting the ever-changing needs of our customers and their business.


Carousel flow gallery module showcase

Ricky's pools
  or more than 25 years, Ricky’s Pools has been proudly servicing Greenville swimming pools.


Youtube sidebar module showcase

  We use YouTube sidebar module to retrieve our videos on YouTube


Ultra flash player module showcase

The Strange Game - Life's great journey
  The Strange Game - Life's great journey
UtahHouseValues.com | HOME VALUE | BUY A HOME
   Choose Destiny Real Estate to find homes for sale in Salt Lake City or cities near Salt Lake City. Watch our videos (which presented by Ultra Flash Player module) at http://dev.utahhousevalues.com/Home/tabid/56/Default.aspx.
Friedli wall print design
   friedli brings to you a refreshing change in wall print design. All prints are designed in Australia and are printed to order. Check our products which present by Ultra Flash Player module at http://www.friedli.com.au/.
Clearguard | Automatic Rod-out tool
  Check our live videos which present by Ultra flash player
CDA Compass
   Looking for resources to help you master the business side of dentistry? Well, CDA Compass is the right place. Visit our online video(played via Ultra flash player module) at http://www.cdacompass.com/ to see how we works.
Delfim - Cavalo Lusitano em Venda na Quinta de Azinhais
   Ultra flash player is everywhere in our site. As you can see in this page, we use "Flash Video Player " to play video, use "Ajax light box video album" to play both youtube videos and images.
  View our videos at http://www.vozvr.ru/. As you will see, they are played via Ultra Flash Player module.
Manea Senior College
  Choose to study at a College with only Year 11's and 12's. Choose to study at TAFE or university or BOTH! Choose to finish Year 12 with up to three qualifications.
  View our videos which played via Ultra Flash Player module.
Dream script lottery
   Using the Dream Script lottery numbers generator is a fun way to generate your lucky lottery numbers.

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Silverlight panorama viewer module showcase

True Load
  Sometime we long for that one photo which tells the perfect story so nicely composed and exposed that everyone appreciates viewing it.

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Cross Image Slideshow module showcase

Catalogo Fauna
   See my photos at http://sabrinatorresostos.com/es-mx/fauna.aspx
Purple man on the web
  The official website for the purple man of work. As you will see, the banner images are generated by Cross Image Slideshow module.
NotaBook Crm
   View our NotaBookIn Crm system screen shot which demonstrated by Cross Image Slideshow module.

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