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Silverlight Panorama Viewer 3.1                Print      Add Favorite

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Last modified date: 4/1/2012
3D Silverlight Viewer audio
Panorama Slideshow Image Video

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1.  Introduction
     This module enables you view panorama files with with 36o degree and 2D style. Valid file type are images(jpg/jpeg) ,QuickTime QTVR (*.mov), KRP( KRpano XML file containing a cubic panorama),FPP(Flash Panorama Player file with suffixes '_l', '_f', '_r', '_b') and FPP0(Flash Panorama Player file with suffixes '_0', '_1', '_2', '_3'). Panorama files could be a local path or from remote url. Visitors can also open local panorama files from his/her computer.     

      Visit http://DnnModule.com/Modules/SilverlightPanoramaViewer.aspx  to see live demo,please be patience for the network connection.

2.  Version history 
     :Display viwer as background to not overwrite dnn menus.


    : Upgrade to Silverlight 3.0
    : A few options added, like display panorama list/background music/zoom/load progress.
    KRP/FPP/FPP0 file type support.

      KRP = KRpano XML file containing a cubic panorama (simple or multi-resolution)
      For example: http://mydomain.com/panos/bluesky.xml, For multi-resolution cubes, the layer with maximal height below 2000 pixels is chosen.  

      FPP = Flash Panorama Player file with suffixes '_l', '_f', '_r', '_b'
      FPP0 = Flash Panorama Player file with suffixes '_0', '_1', '_2', '_3'
      A cubic panorama is stored as six face-files. Each face-file ends with a suffix. For example - subfolder "vacation" contains four photos named pano1_l.jpg, pano1_f.jpg, pano1_r.jpg and pano1_b.jpg. Suffix "_l" means "left face", "_f" is the front face, "_r" is the right face and "_b" is the back face photo. Faces "_u" (up) and "_d" (down) are ignored. 

3. Upgrade policy
     100% upgrade discount for previous version (3.0).

4.  Viewer Featues
Control panel opens automatically by moving the mouse to top or bottom of the image.
     Full-Screen switch - click on panorama and press spacebar, or hit  from control panel
     Zoom in and out: use the control panel buttons, keyboard keys (+)(-) or the mouse wheel.
     Keyboard and mouse controlled movement with variable speed.
     Screensaver mode: automatic horizontal rotation with speed choice.
     Open local panorama files from your computer. Supported file types are JPEG (*.jpg) and  QuickTime QTVR (*.mov).
     Load files from Internet sites with authorization (Flickr, VRmag, etc.)

5.  Module Featues

     5.1.  View interface is template based,you can customize your own display layout.

     5.2.  Different panorama list support.
      It supports panorama list type include:    
      A:Dynamic generate from  
folder      B:Customize Image list       C: Using existing xml     
      5.2.1. Dynamic generate from folder

      It is a amazing feature which enables  you create gallery in just one minute. Simply specify a folder, It will  automatically scan it and its sub directories(if recursive option is checked), picking up all the panorama files and build gallery for you. Whenever your  files(or directory) is changed,it will automatic refresh. It makes things more easy because all you need to do is select a specific gallery folder , and then maintain its folder structure and files through other tools(like ftp software), panorama list will automatic changed.

                                  Dynamic generate from folder

      5.2.2. Customize panorama list
      Customize panorama list allows you define item one by one. Each panorama has its own title and type. You can also select a folder ,and add all panoramas under it.

                                 Customize panorama list   1  - panorama list

                             Customize panorama list   2  -  add folder

     5.2.3 Using existing xml  
      You can also play gallery based existing xml which generate by other silverlight panorama viewer module instance.
6.  Other highlight features
      Powerful yet easy to use 
      Uses the asp.net 2.0 wizard control to easily guide you step by step. All you need to do is follow the wizard, click “previous” or “next”. It’s as easy as ABC.
    Localization support and online help support
       All settings are self-explanatory utilizing the standard DNN help menu system.
7.  Requirement
      Dotnetnuke 4.x/5.x
      Silverlight 3.0+


 100% upgrade discount for previous version (v3.0/2.2/2.1/2.0)

Version Difference


 Edition Standard
Enterprise Enterprise+Source
Private Assembly Yes Yes Yes
Module Source(C#) No No Yes
Dnn production installation
1 dnn instance with unlimited sub portals Unlimited dnn instance
Unlimited dnn instance

   You can get help via followings:

    1. We provide detail information for every field via dnn standard help system. Click the help button of field to see it .Like below:

  2.Read user guide.doc to view module installtion guide or faqs.

  3.Login to http://www.dnnmodules.cn/Store/MyAccount.aspx , click "My Products",then find your ordered item, click "Help Ticket" next to it to submit help ticket.

  4. Visit our support forum to get more informations.

  5. Mail us at xiaoqi98#msn.com for more direct and fast help.


Web Site: http://DnnModule.com
Slogan: Let's make things better


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