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Classified Pro 7.7 - (store, subscribe, catalog, listing, map, for DNN 6.x)      New version available           Print      Add Favorite

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Last modified date: 1/23/2014
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1.  Introduction
     Classified Pro 7.7 enables you create an online store and publish classified information as easy as ABC.  It include 13 sub modules and 1 skin object which offer many cool features which haven’t seen in other competitors, as followings:

    1.  Multiple user support, authorized users can sell their own products and attached video/audio/photo/document with it.In v7.3, vendors can also receive money using their own accounts.

    2. Sell  everything on your portal(Portal Roles/Digital Files or software/ Real Goods/Virtual services...etc).

    3. Each user can manage their files. Module supports automatic convert user upload videos to .flv or h.264 format.

    4. Integrate with dnn built-in web site map to let Google index your products more easily(new in v7.4).

    5. All display interfaces are template based. 

6. Amazon Simple Storage Service(Amazon S3) supported. 

   7. Administrator can disable unwanted product attributes.

. Administrator can create additional product attributes as their wish. These attributes can be shown as text box/drop down list/radio button list and check box list.

. 4 online payment gateway PayPal/ Checkout/DineroMail.

    10. Recursive charge ( subscribe) supported.(new in v7.5).

    11. Off-line check out via manual processing payment gateway.

    12. You can also use this module to post classified informations without sell features. Module provides a option to turn off all features which related to online order. In v7.5, module also integrate with Google Maps to let you show your listing location.

    13.Upload multiple/large  files at one time using Ms Silverlight upload control.

    14. Rss/Email integrated.

    15. There are 13 sub modules in package, but all information are manage via 1 single module(Cp_Admin), the other 12 sub modules are used to display information.

    16. Bulk edit/delete products.

    17. Fully rewrote based dnn 6.x framework, to utilize the new features which provided in dnn 6.x(new in v7.1)
     View our live store at  or download 30 days trial version at Please read “Classified Pro 7.6 user guide.pdf” before configure your store. 
    You can also view showcase which submitted by our clients at

    Please note, v7.7 is based dnn 6.x. If your sites are still in dnn 5.x, please check Classified Pro v7.0 at

2.  Module Highlights
      2.1  Dnn 6.x based, Multiple user, file manage, Large file upload, Amazon S3, Video convert online/off-line, Photo watermark and thumbnail
      2.1.1 Fully rewrote based dnn 6.x framework
      Dnn 6.x is a revolutionary version. It brings a lot of new exciting features, like the form pattern, the jquery ui(jquery tabs), the pop-up windows..etc.  Many clients request us to integrate these new features into Classified Pro module, so we fully rewrote it to utilize these new features. You will like Classified Pro new interface if you use dnn 6.x to build your site.

                                                    P1  - New interface in v7.1

      2.1.2 Multiple user support.
        Administrator can choose  roles which can  post  information,  specify  disk quote and item count this role can have.

                                          P2  - Add edit roles

      You can also sell these roles using this module.You can charge them based different condition (disk quote/ product count,product list position,etc).

2.1.3  User  file  manager
     If user belong to edit roles and his disk quote not set to 0. He can manage his own folder/files. When edit  his product informations, he can choose related files(image/video/document,etc) from these files.  He can add/delete folder, upload/move/delete/rename/unzip files.  Just like site administrator can do in dnn standard  “File Manager” page, user can do the same work too.    Except the “Upload“ function,  module provide more powerful tools.

                                            P3 - User file manager_local

       2.1.4  Multiple/Large  file  upload
      Module provide multiple/large file upload via Ms silverlight control,don't need change anything in site configuration. User can upload huge files as he wish.The only limitation is  his disk quote, and can't upload files which don't in site allowable file extensions.

      You can upload .zip files and check    “Unzip“ option to automatic unzip after upload. This will reduce a lot of upload time.

                        P4 - File Upload 
    2.1.5    Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3)
    Amazon S3 provides a simple web services interface that can be used to store and retrieve any amount of data, at any time, from anywhere on the web.  You can use it easily in Classified Pro module, simple change storage type as “Amazon S3” and enter your account information.

                    P4 - Amazon S3
    User share similar file manager interface like store in local.For more information about Amazon S3, check

      2.1.6    Convert user upload video to .flv or h.264(.mp4) format online
      Video is very popular in today and  module also  enables  user upload huge video files to site.. But  user may  upload different type of videos,  play these videos via normal way is too difficult. Classified  Pro  solve this question by convert user upload videos to  flash video format(.flv) or H264 (.mp4 ) format. Just like YouTube did.

        Below is a incomplete list which module can convert:
          1 Real Video (.rm,.rmvb)   
          2 Microsoft  Media (.wmv, .asf,.wm)
          3 Apple QuickTime(.mov)
          4 DivX/XVID/Motion Jpeg(.avi)
          5 Mpeg 1/2 encoded DVD video(.mpg,.mpeg,.mpe,.vob)
          6 Flash video (.flv,.f4b,.f4v)
          7 Mobile phone video format(.3gp,3g2)
          8 Apple/Sony mp4(.mp4,.m4a,.m4v)

                  P6  -  Video Convert

      2.1.7  Convert videos off-line
      We also provide a windows application which can convert video and capture thumbnails. Visit to download it..  

      2.1.8  Generate thumbnail & add watermark to user uploaded images.(new in v7.7)
     In v7.7, you can control whether to add watermark to user uploaded images. The watermark source can be text, or a small gif image. This is a useful feature if you want to protect your images.

                                     P7  - Watermark settings.

                               P8 - text based watermark.

                               P9 -  Gif image based watermark.

2.2 Department, Sell property, Customize attributes, Google Maps,Category,Tax,Location,Shipping, Tag,Sell on-line or not, Promotions

      2.2.1 Product  department ( product type)  
      Product departments are top-level data to organize information. Each department has its own categories/attributes/tags/products/tax rates. It can be selling or not sell. Its sell property can be goods/digital files or software / portal roles / virtual things.

                                                P7 - Product department

      2.2.2 Department sell property ( goods/digital files/portal roles/virtual things)

P8 - Product type property

      Some important property of product department:
      1. Sellable
          if checked,product belong to this department can be online ordering.

      2. Sell Property
          This option works when sellable is true, can be the followings:
          A. Goods. Product belong to it will have ship methods,ship fee,etc.

          B. Digital files/software. Product belong to it will have related download files.   For example ,we choose it to sell our modules on spx.

          C.  Portal Roles. User will be add to portal roles after order. You can also provide related download files if you want.    For example ,we choose it to offer our modules subscribe on

         Note,only site administrator can post products belong to this option.

          D. Virtual things.Other services which don't handle on site. For example, we have a customer use this option to sell World of War craft Account.

      3. Charge Percent
      You can charge based vendor's sell. For example,if you enter 20% ,and a vendor sell $100 in your site,you then get $20 and vendor will get $80.

      2.2.3 Disable unwanted fields
     Module has some built-in fields for product informations.Like "Summary/Support/Sku/Weight/Image.......". You can control whether to use them for each department. For example, if you uncheck "Enable Sku Field" option, then when post products which belong to that department, the "Sku" field will be hidden.It also will be hidden when display in product list and detail module.  

        2.2.4 Customize your own fields (  for long content)
       Besides the built-in field, each department also supports up to 5 additional fields to let you publish long content (text/html content).  You can specify its title and default value. If a field is enabled, then it will display on product edit/detail interface.

        For example, we need a “Testimonials from snowcovered“ attributes while publish our modules.So we enable “Specification 1 “ and set its name as “Testimonials from snowcovered“ like below:

      After that, we can enter “Testimonials from snowcovered“ for each module. As followings:

        2.2.5  Customize your own fields (  for short content)       
        Different product department has different property. For example, if you sell computer, you may want specify its cpu type/monitor type..etc. If you sell clothes,you may want to specify its color/size/material.  After creating a attribute, you can then create specific attribute values for an individual product (e.g. "Red", "Green", "Blue")..

                                  P9 -  Customize attributes.  
   Below is a list of data types you can specify for attribute:
   A.  Basic data like  string /   int / decimal /  datetime /  date /  time /  Boolean / currency.
   B.  Special data like  email /   image /   url /  text html.

    You can specify a list of value for attribute, user can choose one of them via drop down list/radio button list. In v7.3, we also add check box list display style to let you select multiple items from exiting value.

     After added, these fields will be treated the same as built-in fields. You can add/edit their value, display them on product list module and product detail module.
       2.2.6  Google Maps integration (new in v7.5)      
        In v7.5, module also let you integrate with Google Maps to show location of your products(listing). This is very useful when you publish map related information. For example, we have a customer use Classified Pro module to publish hotels and parks, the Google maps integration helps him a lot.
      In v7.7, we add a new field "Map Title" based customer feedback.

                                  P9 -  Customize attributes.  
        2.2.7  Unlimited level categories 
        Each department has its own categories. You can add unlimited level of categories. A product can belong to multiple categories.

       2.2.8  Publish everything       
        With departments/categories/attributes/Google maps,you can publish everything as your wish. For example, we have a customer use Classified  Pro module sell horse and portal roles, also publish job listing and real estates in his site. Click here to view live demo.

  2.2.9  Tax rate based billing country and state/province  
       Each department has its own tax rate. You can specify different tax rate based client billing country and state/provinces.

2.2.10  Location ( country, state,city) 
      Location  will be visible for customer registrations / address creation. This is vital if you want to shipping to client or charge tax to client based billing address. You can ignore location if you don’t need shipping or charge tax. For example, you use module to sell software(or portal roles) which don’t need shipping and tax.

       By default, module will automatic create countries/ states data for US and Canada. You can delete them if you don’t need.

       In v7.7, we also support sub cities. This is useful when you want to limit cities. For example, if you only sell products on City A,City B in California state.

      2.2.11  Shipping 
       This is vital if you want to shipping to client.Once you have created a shipping method, it can be used to calculate shipping costs based on various criteria ( based shipping country/state/ship method/product weight,etc).

      2.2.12  Tags
      Each department has its own tag list.  A product can belong to multiple tags.

2.2.13  Sell online or not
      Module provide a option to control the sellable of whole site. If you don't want to sell your products online,you can simple uncheck it.Then all related features will  be hidden. Like the shopping cart, sell report.  etc. However, other features will work as the same, like help ticket,watch list,comment,rating, etc.

  Besides that, there is also a "sellable" property for every department. If unchecked, then all products belong to that department will not support online order. For example, we have a client use this module to sell portal roles and publish house rent information.  It is  meaningless to pay online for rent house so he disable the "sellable" property for "House Rent" department, only enable online order for his portal roles.

      2.2.14  Promotions (new in v6.6)
      V6.6 add a “Campaign Newsletter“ promotion feature. You can use campaigns to easily send promotion emails to the customers that are registered on your site. This is a great way of informing your customers of new offers and keep them coming back to your store.

  Besides registered users, you can also enter additional mail list which you gathered and send mail to them. This is a great way to promote your store.

  2.3  Product, Video/Audio/Image/Attachment/, Option, Download,Role,Transaction history

        2.3.1 Product
        A can belong multiple categories/tags. Below is some important property of product:
        :Promo price/promo start/promo end, use it to offer promo price, check spx  for live demo.
        :Stock/Low threshold, enter these information to specify product stock information. You  can enter -1 to ignore them
        :Previous version, if previous version is set, module will display a “new version available“ tip to old version. And vendor can move product rating from old version to new one.

      2.3.2  Related Video/Audio/Image/Attachment/
      A product can have multiple video/audio/image/attachment with it. If vendor has disk quote,he can choose his own files to add. If his disk quote is set to 0, he can only add from external url or from embed code.  

      Take video as example,  vendor can add video from his own files /external url/ embed code.

                           P12 -  Add video from embed code
      As most of video sites offer embed code,vendor can upload their video to these sites( like YouTube) if  he doesn't have disk quote on site,  then simply copy its embed code.
     User can also add video from external url,like 
Especially for  YouTube videos, user can simply add its url , like Module will  auto detect it and play.

      If you have multiple video/image/audio to add, instead of add them one by one, you can upload them to a folder, and choose “Add from folder “ to add them once.

                                       P13 -  Add video from  folder

          Module use the light box style to play video(or image) in product detail,whether it comes from local file , or external url , or embed code.

                     P14 -  Play video via light box style

      Note, v6.9 provides options to turn related videos/audios/documents/images off. If you don't want vendor post related videos, you can uncheck “Enable attach videos“ option to do it.

       2.3.3  Product Options
       A product can have multiple options, option has its bonus price and bonus weight. User can choose which option he want to buy.

2.3.4  Product  Download
      If product sell property belong to software or role, you can add download files for product and its options. Client can download these files after they order.

2.3.5  Product Role
      If product sell property belong to portal roles, you can specify role name and valid date.Client will be added to role after check out. You can also add download files related to this role.
      2.3.6  Transaction history (new in v6.4)
      v6.4 add a option to show transaction history in product detail. For example, check you will see client who bought our Cross Article module.

     2.4  PayPal,,Google Checkout,DineroMail, Manual Processing,Subscribe, Receive money using vendor accounts,Discount, Rating, Help ticket, Comment, Watch list,Sell report

    2.4.1  4 online payment gateway include PayPal/Authorize.Net/Google Checkout/DineroMail

                   P15 -  Check out via PayPal/Authorize.Net/Google Checkout/DineroMail
         V6.7 supports 3 payment gateways:
       1. PayPal
       2. Authorize.Net(credit card like Visa,Mastercard,Amex,Discover,JCB,Enroute...)
       3. DineroMail(new in v6.7)
       4. Google Checkout (new in v7.3)
       DineroMail is an online payment platform which allows any merchant
to sell and receive payments in Latin Amercia(Argentina/ Brazil/Chile/Mexico). If you sell things for Latin Amercia, DineroMail is the best solution for you.

      In v7.3, we add Google Checkout support based some customers feedback. If you have other payment gateway need to add, please let us know.

      2.4.2  Offline check out via manual check out process
      V6.2 add a new payment - Manual check out. After ordered, client can contact vendor and pay money off-line.  Vendor then change payment status from “awaiting payment “ to “paid“ and do necessary work ( like shipping ) after receive money.

      If vendor sell digital files or portal roles, client will see download files ( or be add to portal role) after vendor change payment status as “paid“.    

       2.4.3 Charge recursive ( subscribe) supported ( new in v7.5)

         V7.5 supports recursive charge ( subscribe) based customer's feedback. You can provide a charge period ( days/weeks/months/years), then module will automatic process.If what you sell is portal roles, then module will automatic renew role expire date after receive new subscribe payment.
      For live demo of the recursive charge ( subscribe), check
       2.4.4  Using vendor own accounts to receive money(new in v7.3)
       By default,module will use site defined accounts to receive all money.In v7.3, we add a option to let let vendor receive money using their own accounts(Paypal,Google checkout..).

2.4.5  Vendor modify order summary to offer discount
      Vendor may offer varied discount based certain conditions.  For example, buy both  product A and product  B  will offer 10%, buy more than 10 quantity will  excuse ship fee, old customer will have 5% discount ,etc.  Handle these discount via program is a trickiness thing. We choose a straightforward yet useful way to solve this question  -  let vendor modify order summary.

     Vendor provide necessary information about product discount in “Special Offer“ content. Client can add product to cart, then submit “Discount Request“ ( or by other ways,like help ticket,comment,msn,mail,phone,etc) before check out. Vendor can click “Product in cart“ to open  information and change order summary according client's request.

                             P17 -  Vendor change  order summary
      Note,  after vendor change order summary according client request. Client can't change product information(like  quantity)  in his cart which belong to this vendor. Otherwise,the  order summary will  rollback to original price.This will prevent the possible fraud.

2.4.6  Rating
        Visitor can submit rating to products. If this product is sellable, then only client who bought this product can rating it. If not sellable, then vendor can choose roles which can rating.

2.4.7 Help Ticket
         Registered user can submit help ticket to vendor to get 1-to-1 help.

2.4.8 Comment
         Vendor can choose roles which can submit comment to his product.

2.4.9  Watch list
         Registered user can add product to his watch list.

2.4.10  Sell report
           Offer sell report via different ways.

                      P18 - Sell report

        2.5    Template, Jquery zoom script,Controllable, Search, Permission,Avatar, Bookmark,Mail, Google web site map, Seo, Rss
        2.5.1  All display modules are template based
        There are 13 sub modules in this package.Except the Cp_Admin module( which used to manage all informations) , the other 12 modules are fully template based. There are some built-in template in package,you can try save a copy then modify them, then choose them as your display.

                   P19 -  Template list

          2.5.2 Jquery zoom script integration
          JQuery zoom is a javascript image magnifier which can show your product images elegantly. It is very popular in modern store. In v7.5, we build a new product detail template (ProductDetail_JQZoom.ascx) to integrate with it.It looks beautiful when you have large product images.Click here to see its live demo on a client site.

         2.5.3  Controllable
         Module offer more than 1000 options to control the layout and functions. Take Cp_Product_List module as example:

                    P20 -  Cp_Product_List settings
    By using these options ,you can achieve different layout and functions as your wish. For example:
    1 .Display multiple product in one row

      2.Display 1 product per row

  3.Display via grid

     4.Show "Order Now" and "Add Cart" button in product list  (new in v7.6)

    5.Product detail style_Flickr

  6.Product detail style_Sunny

2.5.3 Search able  
     1. Integrate dnn built-in search mechanism.
     2. Provide a standard alone Cp_Product_Search module to make search more easily.
     3. Add search function in Cp_Product_List module.
     4. Besides that, you can search by type/category/vendor/tag/date/month/ by using other sub modules.

     2.5.4 Permission  
     You can control roles which can
     1. Post product and upload files.
     2. Manage product/category/site sell/product vendor..etc.
     3. View product.Note ,each product can has its view settings.
     4. Rating product,Note ,each product can has its rating settings.
     5. Post comment,Note ,each product can has its comment settings

     2.5.5 Avatar and Social bookmark
      Integrate avatar at and also support social bookmark like Google,Facebook,Live bookmarks etc.

      2.5.6 Mail integrated 
      Mail is everywhere  in this module .Whenever client order / submit help ticket/rating/request discount..., module will send related mail to  store administrator/ vendor/client. 
      2.5.7  Integrate with Google web site map(new in v7.4)
        As we know, dnn provide a web site map which can be submitted to Google web master tools to let Google index your site more easily. By default,dnn only list your web pages as site map urls.In v7.4, we provide a option to let Classified Pro module also include your product in web site map urls. It is a must do action if you want to your products be searched more easily.

                                             P39 -  Classified pro site map provider
    Check you will see our products are listed on web site maps. This increase our site traffic remarkable since we resubmitted these changes to Google web masters tools.

2.5.8  Seo optimization
      A:  Add product name to page title while view its detail.
      B:  Automatic add  product name and its tag to page  “keywords” 
      C:  Provide a option “Enable seo friendly url“ in “General settings - Seo optimize“ of Cp_Admin module. If this option is checked ,module will generate product detail page url use its name. For example ,vist abid/117/ProductId/1/Ultra-Flash-Player-6-8-17-in-1.aspx.  We strongly recommend client enable this option if you product name is English. 

  2.5.9   Rss integrated 
      Rss is everywhere in product, you can subscribe by product type/category/vendor/module/month. For example,  try visit ProductRss.aspx?ProductTypeId=1  to  view our rss. 

    2.6  Centralized Manage, Online help, Security assure,Easy to use,  Localization,Bulk edit
        2.6.1  Manage all information in 1 module
There are  13 sub-modules and 1 skin object in Classified Pro 6.9. But all informations (department/category/attributes/product/order/rating/comment....) are managed via 1 module - the Cp_Admin module. Other 12 sub modules are all used to display content. 

        2.6.2  Online help is everywhere
        Instead of write long and complicated help document to explain every detail of this module. We choose to integrate these information directly into module interface. Below are some important areas which you need read before use this module.

      And we also provide as detail as necessary information through dnn standard way. Whenever you feel confusion, click the left help button of field, you will see more detail information. Like below:

                                    P25 -  Field help

  Security assure
    Check user input to prevent malice damage(like sql injection, script include,etc). Module also provide security code to prevent comment Spam.

     2.6.4  Powerful yet easy to use

    We are not build modules for our use, we build for thousands of our customers. So we need consider every detail of the module. Provide necessary help to guide user to use this module as easy as ABC. You will find many wizard control in this module which guide to do things step by step. And we also check every input area, make sure they are correct and display necessary information if not correct.  Our endeavor is to build a powerful yet easy to use module for both dnn community and our customers.

2.6.5  Localization, two built-in language packages(English and Simple Chinese)

     All informations in this module are localizable. v7.6 contains two language packages  - English and Simple Chinese. You can create other languages by using dnn standard localization feature. If you like,please send us a copy of your localization package at, we appreciate of your support.

     2.6.6  Bulk edit/delete
     You can select multiple items by simply click the header check box of grid, then bulk edit/delete them as your wish.

3.  Module  List and Skin object
There are  13 sub-modules and 1 skin object in this package:      

        1. Cp_Admin
        Provide all manage functions of  Classified Pro, you only need 1 instance per portal

      Display module quick link , like below:

      Display date/month navigation for product list.

    This module  is used to  display  product categories. You can add multiple instance as you want. Supports  two  display style:  List and Tree.

        Display  product details, 

        Show product list,like  below:

      Display products via flash:

      Provide search  functions for product list

      Display product tag list,support tag cloud style

       Display tag list via flash

        11.Cp_Product_Type(product department)
        Display  product department (type)  list

        12.Cp_Product_MiniCart( new in v6.5)
        Mini cart for Classified pro, you can increase/decrease product quantity or delete it.

         Display vendor list

       14. Skin object
      Module also provide a skin object, it works the same as Cp_Product_AccountLink module. But as it is a skin object, it can be integrate into your site skins easily. Use it as followings:
      A.Register it in your skin:

      B: Put it to into your skin content as your wish, like below:

        For live demo of skin object, check

 4.    Before you buy

    4.1 Try it first
        We strongly recommend you try this module before you buy. You can 
    1.  View our live store  at  . Try buy some free modules to test it online.
    2.  Download 30 days trial version and user guide document at Note,please read “Classified Pro 7.7 user guide.pdf” before configure your store.

      4.2 Convert video online/offline.
      Expand “Help – Video convert permission” in Cp_Admin module to see how to activate video convert function.
 Note, because online video convert it a cpu and resources consume feature, it can only be set enabled by super user (host) account.

      4.3 Test transaction via PayPal sandbox.
     Instead of waste money to test module PayPal check out functions, PayPal Sandbox provides a simulate transaction which works the same as real transaction but without real money transfer. We create  a few sandbox account to let customers test it easily.
      Expand “Help – sandbox”  in Cp_Admin module to see how to configure it:

     Note , please don't change any information related to our created accounts!!!!!!! All of our customers using them to test. Thanks.

     4.4 Test transaction via Authorize.Net.
    Just like PayPal sandbox, we also create a test account to customers test Authorize.Net easily.
      Expand “Help – test transaction via ”  in Cp_Admin module to see how to configure it:

5. Version history
    1. Sub cities support while create location.
    2. Photo watermark support.
    3. Map Title added while display in Google Map.      

    1. Add Cart/Order now button introduced in Cp_product_list sub module..   
    2. Simple Chinese language package(zh-CN) added.
    3. Improve PayPal sandbox test.

    1. Recursive charge ( subscribe) supported.   
    2. Google Maps integrated.
    3.New product detail template added.

    1. Integrate with dnn built-in sitemap.   
    2. Action legend added.
    3. New option added to show last modified date in product detail.

    1. Enable vendor receive money using their own accounts   
    2. Check box list added to edit customized attributes..
    3.New option added to hide captcha control while post comment.

    1. Google checkout payment gateway added.    
    2. Manage tag with paging..
    3.Pop-up related images in Cp_Product_Detail with fancy box plug-in.
    4. Add more help information.

6. Compatibility
   Dnn version: dnn 6.0 +
   Database: Ms sql server 2005/2008/2010 ,Ms  sql server express 2005/2008/2010 framework: .net 3.5 and above

 7. Upgrade discount
      All modules from are customer-driven, v7.7 is the 26th generation of this product. We have received many suggestions from our customers since the first release, this module can't be making out without customers help . 

      As a return to their help,we offer 100% upgrade discount for customer who bought v7.6. We recommend clients upgrade to this version if you bought v7.6 before.

8. Help and support
     Read the user guide.doc in the package to see how to use this module
     Click the online help link  in dnn label to learn its meaning
     Using the  snowcovered help tickets system to submit your  question.
     Visit our support forum  for more specific problem solution.
     Mail us at if you need more directly assistance(or if you have any improvement suggestion)

9. Version Difference

Standard  Enterprise Enterprise + Source
Private Assembly Yes  Yes Yes
Module Source No  No Yes
Dnn Site Installation 1 site    Unlimited site Unlimited site

Spotlight Reviews

4.84615384615385 4.95 (16 product reviews)
David P says... 5 5.0
I am now using Version 7.3 and it just keeps improving by adding new featujres. Special requests are handled quickly and they always perform as... Show More
Posted 1/15/2012
Todd E says... 5 5.0
This module is wonderful. Great support and exceptionally helpful. I tried the others and they were too difficult. Very nice module!!!!
Posted 1/13/2012
Christian V says... 5 5.0
Xiao give me a very very good support and his module works beatifull!!
Posted 12/28/2011
David P says... 5 5.0
If you are looking for an easy to set-up and manage Store Front or as In my case a Classifieds site, then this is the Module you are looking far. I... Show More
Posted 12/3/2010
marcello c says... 4 4.0
Very good, I use the first version, it adapts to many situations, now I'm trying the new version and the early results than my expectations, I hope that in the next version adds the ability to import. Compliments Show Less
Posted 2/23/2011
Admin A says... 5 5.0
Very intuitive and simple to configure and use. I like the way you can sell downloadable goods with Classified Pro. I had a few problems but I got... Show More
Posted 12/2/2010
Admin A says... 5 5.0
Great product great service. See my detailed review for Classified Pro 6.3.
Posted 12/2/2010
Ayda B says... 5 5.0
Amazing Support. Xiao installed this on our server and helped configure it so we can make our presentation on time. Support is awesome and I look... Show More
Posted 5/12/2010
wang p says... 5 5.0
The modules is useful to me~
Posted 3/24/2010
Rob S says... 4 4.0
*update* was able to get a working install and everything is working fine now.
Posted 2/7/2008
walter i says... 5 5.0
This is an amazing product with a lot of features that normally find in large organizations. I recommend this product to anyone that wants to quickly... Show More
Posted 5/10/2012
Christian V says... 5 5.0
This module and support are perfect!
Posted 5/11/2012
Christian V says... 5 5.0
This module and support are perfect!
Posted 5/11/2012

      All modules from are customer-driven, v7.7 is the 26th generation of this product. We have received many suggestions from our customers since the first release, this module can't be making out without customers help . 

      As a return to their help,we offer 100% upgrade discount for customer who bought v7.6.

Version Difference

 Edition Standard
Enterprise Enterprise+Source
Private Assembly Yes Yes Yes
Module Source(C#) No No Yes
Dnn production installation
1 dnn instance with unlimited sub portals Unlimited dnn instance
Unlimited dnn instance

   You can get help via followings:

    1. We provide detail information for every field via dnn standard help system. Click the help button of field to see it .Like below:

  2.Read user guide.doc to view module installation guide or faqs.

  3.Login to , click "My Products",then find your ordered item, click "Help Ticket" next to it to submit help ticket.

  4. Visit our support forum to get more informations.

  5. Mail us at for more direct and fast help.


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pdmws Classified Pro 7.7 - Store & Subscribe & Catalog & Listing & Map Video Audio Photo Document - Standard 1
alex164 Classified Pro 7.7 - Store & Subscribe & Catalog & Listing & Map Video Audio Photo Document - Enterprise+Source 1
vladma Classified Pro 7.7 - Store & Subscribe & Catalog & Listing & Map Video Audio Photo Document - Standard 1
rajeshvar Classified Pro 7.3 - Store & Catalog & Video Audio Photo Document - For dnn 6.x - Standard 1
okrika Classified Pro 7.2 - Store & Catalog & Video Audio Photo Document - For dnn 6.x - Standard 1
davepar Classified Pro 7.1 - Store & Catalog & Video Audio Photo Document - For dnn 6.x - Standard 1

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rajeshvar      2/28/2012
     Good module and good support

Seller Reply:
      Thanks for your support.Feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions.
kurt      12/6/2010
      If you are looking for an easy to set-up and manage Store Front or as In my case a Classifieds site, then this is the Module you are looking far. I have requested many custom changes to the module and they get them done in a timely manner and very reasonable on the cost. With the Payment Gateways and the Amazon S3 integration, this module can do about anything you want it to. Excellent Product.

Seller Reply:
      Thanks for your long time support. Merry Christmas and happy new year.

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