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Ultra Flash Player 7.9 (22-in-1 players, iphone/ipad/mobile support)      New version available           Print      Add Favorite

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Last modified date: 12/20/2013
3D Gallery Music Flash video
Flash Media Video Video Player

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1.  Introduction
     This is 22-in-1 dnn 6 module,powerful yet easy to use. It capable of producing a multitude of functions including:
      1:Mp4 video player( iphone/ipad/mobile support,new in v7.9)
      2: Image rotator     
      3: Image numeric navigate(classical) 
      4. Image numeric navigate(integrative) 
      5. Image numeric navigate(black)  (new in v7.3)
      6: Mp3 player
      7: Traditional mp3 player                    
      8: Flash video player   
      9: Simple flash video player
      10: Multimedia player          
      11: YouTube video feeds player   
      12: Anarchy media player     
      13: Flipping book player 
      14: Banner topic player  
      15: Ajax light box image album
      16: Ajax fancy box image album(new in v7.8)
      17: Ajax light box video album
      18: Simple image album
      19:Wmv/Wma Player
      20: Silverlight album
:3d image slider
      22: Embed video player

      Package contains two sub modules, Ultra Flash Player (UFP) and UFP_Category.   UFP module is mainly used to play media and UFP_Category module is used to provide category list navigate for it. 

                                               General setting of UFP module
    Note, v7.9 can only be used on dnn 6.x sites only. If your site still under dnn 4.x/5.x,please check v7.7 at

2.  General highlight features
      Powerful yet easy to use 
      Uses the 2.0 wizard control to easily guide you step by step. All you need to do is follow the wizard, click “previous” or “next”. It’s as easy as ABC.
      Multiple play list support
      Play item lists can be added from a single file, portal folder, or dynamic generate based portal directory.  Also supports play list from existing xml file,  It also support external url like ASX /ATOM +Media/RSS + iTunes/RSS + Media/SMIL and XSPF format feedsFlash video player/mp3 player also support Rtmp/http stream list.

    Template support. 
     Both UFP and UFP_Category view interface are template based. You can customize your  own display template, change item  layout or add additional information as your wish. Note, you need be familiar with .net syntax to customize your own template.

     For flash video player/YouTube video feeds/mp3/multimedia player, the brand new skinning functionality allows you to completely customize its looks. V6.5 contains 27 flash skins as below.

     The new "Mp4 video player" in v7.9 also supports up to 28 player skins.


       Customize url parameters support
       You can pass a “FolderId“ in url parameter to let module play sub medias under a certain folder . Or pass a “MediaFile“ parameter to let module play that file directly.

       Plug-in support
       Plug-in is an action script-based bit of software that builds new functionality into the flash Player. V6.2 introduce a new plug-in - Viral.  In v6.3 ,we added a new plug-in - Google Analytics.

       Full localization support and online help support
       All settings are self-explanatory utilizing the standard dnn help menu system.


3.Feature detail and live demo of UFP sub module
       3-1  Mp4 video player( iphone/ipad/mobile support,new in v7.9)       View demo
      "Mp4 video player" is the best solution to play your .mp4 videos( mp4 with h.264/AAC) because it support both pc and iphone/ipad/mobile.

     By default, module will use flash to play video. However, when module detect your browser doesn't  support flash( e.g, iphone/ipad/mobile), module will automatic switch to html5 video tag to play your video. For example, try visit current page via iphone, you will see how it works.

     Besides that, module also introduce over 28 player skins and other control options to let you configure player layout as your wish.

    3-2  Image Rotator Player       View demo
     Image Rotator Player enables you to show a couple of photos in sequence, with 10 transitions style(fade,flash,bgfade,blocks,bubbles,circles,fluids,lines,slowfade,random) available. It supports rotation of an RSS, XSPF or ATOM playlist with JPG, GIF and PNG images. Watermark logo and background music enabled.Each play item can have a link url. The link target property and navigation bar  are controllable.Additionally,there is  a wide range of flashvars(settings)  for tweaking both behavior and appearance.

      3-3  Image numeric navigate(classical)       View demo
      “Image numeric navigate(classical)” is a popular image rotator style. It supports up to 9 rotator files(jpg,gif,swf,png) with a numeric navigation bar under right bottom corner.Each play item can have a link url, v5.9 allows you link to either in new window of self window.

      3-4  Image numeric navigate(integrative)     View demo
      " Image numeric navigate(integrative)"   feature works very similar like "Image numeric navigate(classical)" , but it use different display style and it has no image limitations.

       3-5  Image numeric navigate(black) (new in v7.3)      View demo
      " Image numeric navigate(black)"   also support unlimited images.

       3-6  3d image slider        View demo
       3d image slider is an image slider initially conceived to create 3D transitions between slides, turned out to be a convenient and multifunction solution that can be applied in a range of website building areas, from content slider to feature slider and image & banner rotator.Additionally,there is  a wide range of flashvars(settings)  for tweaking both behavior and appearance.

     3-7  Mp3 Player       View demo
     Mp3 Player  is the easiest way to add live music or podcasts to your website. It supports playback of Mp3 files or an RSS, XSPF or ATOM playlist .Watermark logo enabled. It also enables add link url and  cover image to each play item .Additionally,there is  a wide range of flashvars (settings) for tweaking both behavior and appearance. The skin list is also applied to this player.

     3-8  Traditional Mp3 Player       View demo
     This player is first added in v3.x,but has been replace by a new mp3 player since v5.x. However, many customers like its clean and elegant layout and request us to readd it. V6.5 offer a option to use it but not thorough. In v6.7, we introduce all the control options to this player to meet customers need.
     Traditional mp3 player works very similar as above mp3 player, but it doesn't support display image in list, and it also can't applied the skin list. 

       3-9  Flash Video Player     View demo
       Flash Video Player  supports playback of any format the Adobe Flash Player can handle(flv/3gp/aac/f4b/f4p/f4v/m4a/m4v/mov/mp4/sdp/vp6) ,It also supports RTMP, HTTP, live streaming, various playlists formats(ASX /ATOM /RSS + iTunes/RSS + Media/SMIL/XSPF ), a lot of settings to make it more powerful.

      3.10 Embed video player.(new in v6.9View demo
      V6.9 add a new “Embed video player” to let you play video from embed code via light box style easily. Module will automatic detect embed video width/height and display smoothly!.

       3-11  YouTube Video Feeds Player     View demo
       YouTube Video Feeds Player allows you play lists of videos that either reflect YouTube user behavior, such as top-rated and most viewed video feeds, or were selected by YouTube staff, such as recently featured and mobile video feeds. Many of these feeds are shown on the videos tab of the YouTube website. These feeds are updated every few minutes.

      3-12  Wmv/Wma Player       View demo
      Wmv/Wma Player (built for Microsoft Silverlight) is a simple yet flexible player for displaying Windows Media streams, video and audio on your website. While not yet widely installed and not as feature-rich as Flash, Silverlight offers an excellent solution to publishers who have their content encoded in a Windows Media format. The WMV Player features the same extensive list of settings as the Flash video player, with the exception of playlist support.

      3-13 Simple Flash Video Player       View demo
      Simple Flash Video Player is another way to play flash video files(flv). It has a compact , wimdows media player interface like. It doesn't have too much control options like above Flash Video Player,but it has its own advantage. 
      Click the "Read More " button will display the flay list. Click the first button on the top right  coner will display the file url to let you download. Click the second button on the top right  coner will play it in in full screen.

       3-14  Multimedia Player       View demo
       Multimedia Player supports playback of  media files of any format the Adobe Flash Player can handle, like images(jpg/png/gif/swf),music(mp3),and video(flv/3gp/aac/f4b/f4p/f4v/m4a/m4v/mov/mp4/sdp/vp6). It also supports RSS, XSPF and ATOM playlist .It also supports watermark logo and enables add link url and covert image for each play item.Additionally,there is  a  wide range of flashvars (settings) for tweaking both behavior and appearance.

       3-15  Anarchy Media Player       View demo
       Anarchy Media Player  is a javascript plug-in that  will scan your page content, find all  hyperlinks to media files(mp3,flv,mov,mp4,m4v,m4a,m4b,3gp,wmv,avi,asf) ,and generate related  script to play it.
        If other module(Text/Html/ Blog//Forums /Rss/Links,etc) content has a link to mp3, flv, mov, mp4, m4v, m4a, m4b, 3gp, wmv, avi or asf files. It will also take effect.
        For example ,a link to a mp3 file will became as

      and a link to Mpeg-4 audio (mp4,m4a,m4b) file will became as

    A link to flash video file(flv) will became as

     A link to Quicktime file(mov,mp4,3gp,m4v) will became as

      A link to Windows media player file(wmv,avi,asf), will became as

     3-16  Flipping Book Player       View demo
     Flipping Book Player supports pages containing jpg/jpeg/swf  files.  It optimal use of the CPU resources. and automatic caching pages. It supports full preloading or loading on deman. The flipping pages can be flipped either by mouse clicking or by dragging. You can also controll automatic corner flipping.. and more.

        3-17  Banner Topic Player        View demo
         Banner Topic Player is an amzing feature which enables you add a list of background images and a list of banner topic images. You can set link url and weighting to both background and topic topic image. The topic image also has a title and caption property. Every time the page load, it will select a random background image based its weighting and then rotator topic images(with its title and caption) above it. Click background image or topic image will navigate to the target url as specified.

       Note , currently this player only works well in 950*500 banner images.

        3-18 Silverlight Album         View demo
        Silverlight Album  is a scabble feature that uses the MS Silverlight script to display pictures. This feature currently supports up to 12 pictures(gif,jpg,jpeg) and has an impressive effect but its width and height are fixed and  does not have many control settings options.


       3-19  Ajax light box image album       View demo
       Ajax Light Box Image Album  is a integration of the well know light box script. If you set  item link url to image files(gif,jpg,jpeg,bmp,png) and click , it will  overlay images on the current page. You can control album list roll/image widht/image height and other settings for  for tweaking both behavior and appearance.
       This feature can also take effect to other content of the same page.

       3-20  Ajax fancy box image album(new in v7.8)       View demo
       Fancy box image album is works like “light box image album”, but it loads fast and support switch images by mouse wheel. We strongly recommend you use this feature to replace the old "light box image album" in most cases.
      3-21  Ajax light box video album       View demo
      Ajax Light Box Video Album  is also a  integration  of another Ajax videobox script. If you set item link url to Youtube/Metacafe/Google Video/iFilm  videos, or link to video/image/flash directly(swf,jpg,jpeg,gif,mov,wmv,asx,flv,3g2,3gp,aac,f4b,f4p,f4v,m4a,m4v,mov,mp4,sdp,vp6..) and click, it will  overlay these videos on the current page.  You can also control album list roll/image widht/image height and other settings for for tweaking both behavior and appearance.
       This feature can also take effect to other content of the same page. Note, this feature require xhtml doctype compatible.

      3-22 Simple image album        View demo
       Simple image album  is similar  to Ajax Light Box Image Album except the light box effect. Album has image/title/caption and link url property. You can control whether to show these fields.  You can also control album list roll/image widht/image height and other settings for  for tweaking both behavior and appearance.

      3-23  Vertical Switch Image Rotator       
      Vertical Switch Image Rotator is mainly for legacy support. We don't recommend new customers to use it.

4  Features of UFP_Category sub module
    UFP_Category module is an extension of the “Dynamic Generate Play Mode” feature which introduced since v5.5.  It is an independent module which provides category list navigation for Ultra Flash Player module instance.  Each category corresponds a folder under portal site. It has properties like title, image, and description. Click category item will display related files under it and its sub directories (if recursive option is checked) in Ultra Flash Player instance. 

      This module can be put on the same page with Ultra Flash Player module instance, or put on different page ( in this case you need specify which page the Ultra Flash Player module instance exists).

     UFP_Category module can be applied to all the players (image rotator player/flash video player/multimedia player….) except flash numeric player, banner topic player, anarchy media player and wmv/wma player.

     UFP_Category is very helpful for multiple galleries, in previous version, you need create different Ultra Flash Player instance for each gallery. Now you only need one Ultra Flash Player instance with UFP_Category module added. 

      Customize url parameter support for “Dynamic Generate Play Mode”.
       Besides using UFP_Category module, you can also customize your own url parameters by provider “FolderId” and “GalleryTitle”. For example, if Ultra Flash Player module instance is, and you have a folder which id is 700, then input   will play related files under its sub directories., will display related files and change module title as “OK”.

5. What's New
     :Mp4 video player added,to play mp4 video on both pc and iphone/ipad/mobile

     :Rebuild based dnn 6.x.
     :Fancy box image album added.
     : More help information added.

     : “Install flash plug-in tip“ optipn added
     :Redesign data list layout
      : Localize support for edit wizard interface

     1.Convert video to .flv or h264 format
      Mnay people like the flash video player feature in module.But they may have other types of video( e.g. ,real player video (.rm,rmvb). To solve this problem. We build a windows application which can convert varied video types to flash video (.flv) or h264(.mp4) format. Below is a incomplete list which it can convert:
     1 Real Video (.rm,.rmvb)   
     2 Microsoft  Media (.wmv, .asf,.wm)
     3 Apple QuickTime(.mov)
     4 DivX/XVID/Motion Jpeg(.avi)
     5 Mpeg 1/2 encoded DVD video(.mpg,.mpeg,.mpe,.vob)
     6 Flash video (.flv,.f4b,.f4v)
     7 Mobile phone video format(.3gp,3g2)
     8 Apple/Sony mp4(.mp4,.m4a,.m4v)video site offer embed code to display their videos and some of our customers ask if we can provide one. 

      For more information,expand "convert video to .flv or h264(.mp4) format section" which in module edit control.
      Note, we build this video convert application for free. You can download it at

6. Upgrade discount
      All modules from are customer-driven.The first version of Ultra flash player is released on 2007.Now v7.9 is the 35th generation of this product.We have received many suggestions from our customers since the first release, this module can't be making out without customers help .

     As a return to their favor, we carry a long term policy as to offer 100% upgrade discount to customers who bought the previous version. So in theory anyone who bought previous can upgrade to newest version with free(even you bought v2.x on 2007).
     However, because v7.9 require dnn 6.x to run.To avoid unnecessary upgrade, this time we only set 90% upgrade discout. If your site is based dnn 6.x and you want to get free upgrade, please let us know, we will change upgrade discount to 100% to you.

7 Some admin screen shots (Click to view picture)

7-1. General Settings

7-2: Image Rotator Player Flash Settings
7-2.1 Basic Settings for image rotator
7-2.2 Color Settings for image rotator
7-2.3 Appearance Settings for image rotator
7-2.4 Playback Settings for image rotator
7-2.5 Interaction Settings for image rotator

7-3: Multimedia/flash video/mp3 player Flash Settings
7-3.1 Basic settings for multimedia/flv/mp3 player
7-3.2 Color settings for multimedia/flv/mp3 player
7-3.3 Appearance settings for multimedia/flv/mp3 player
7-3.4 Playback Settings for multimedia/flv/mp3 player
7-3.5 Interaction Settings for multimedia/flv/mp3 player

7-4. Flash numeric rotator flash settings

7-5.Anarchy Media Player Settings
7-5.1 Video general
7-5.2 Mp3 play settings
7-5.3 Flv player settings
7-5.4 QuickTime and mp4 file play settings
7-5.5 Windows media play file settings

7-6: Play list Settings for image rotator/flash video player/mp3 player/multimedia player mode
7-6.1 Play list type
7-6.2 Play list
     A: Add item from file
     B: Add items from folder
     C:Add item from RTMP
     D:Add item from Http

7-6.3 Using existence play list.

7-6.4 External Url

7-7:Play list settings for flash numeric rotator mode
7-7.1 Play list
7-7.2 add from portal file
7-7.3 add from portal folder

7-8: Play list settings for anarchy media player mode
7-8.1 add from single file
7-8.2 add from portal folder

7-9.Wizard interface

7-10.Full localization support and online help support

7-11.Flipping Book Player Flash Setting
7-12.Banner Topic Player Flash Setting
7-13.Light Box Image Album/Light Box Video Album/Image Album flash settings

     It's hard to put all the screen shots here(there are too many). For more detail ,please visit

8. Version Difference

Standard  Enterprise Enterprise +Source
Private Assembly Yes Yes Yes
Module Source(C#) No No Yes
Dnn site installation 1 site with unlimited sub portals Unlimited site Unlimited site

9. DNN Version Compatibility
    Dnn 6.x only.

 4.94 (17 product reviews)
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Cape Fear Web M says... 5.0

the best flash based rotator on the market for dnn. flexible, fast and easy to use.

Posted 11/9/2010

David T says... 5.0

This module is has been a very useful module for our site. We provide many videos and images of our hockey team's games for parents and fans to view. Having a module that handles different media formats and is intuitive saves our content managers a lot of time. I also would like to give 5+ stars for support. I made a suggestion to add additional functionality and within a week the change was posted and made available for download. Support like this is hard to find these days and its feels great as a customer to know that I was not forgotten after the purchase was made. Great job guys!

Posted 10/28/2010

Cape Fear Web M says... 5.0

If you buy just one module on snowcovered - this one should be it! it's easy to use and one of my personal favorites.

Posted 9/13/2010

Cape Fear Web M says... 5.0

If you buy just one module on snowcovered - this one should be it! it's easy to use and one of my personal favorites.

Posted 9/13/2010

Cape Fear Web M says... 5.0

If you buy just one module on snowcovered - this one should be it! it's easy to use and one of my personal favorites.

Posted 9/13/2010

Jason S says... 5.0

The Ultra Flash Player is a very nice module with lots of options. It is very easy to setup and change the various settings and players. Earlier this year I purchased the enterprise edition version 6.7 and I use this module on all of my websites. Recently I was given a free upgrade to version 6.9. Very Cool!!!

Posted 9/1/2010

Barry T says... 5.0

This product is an outstanding value for the price, and the company is extremely responsive to requests for support. I had a small technical issue and I contacted them for help and had my problem completely resolved quickly and effectively. Outstanding module, excellent support, reasonable price. What more could you ask?

Posted 8/25/2010

Kemper B says... 5.0

I keep buying this product because it keeps getting better. Very good Support

Posted 8/11/2010

Chris E says... 5.0

I used Ultra Flash Player version 5.0 with great success. VERY COOL module. The developer is very responsive to inquiries and since I purchased this just before DNN5 upgrade DNNModules proved to be have very good business practices by offering a free upgrade to the latest compatible version. Highly recommended.

Posted 5/20/2010

KC F says... 5.0

Even for a rookie like me, this was easy to use and get it to do what I wanted it to do. Very satisfied! And while the software was great the real story here is the company behind it; they are super good with regard to helping their customers looong after the sale. Their software rocks and so do they! Buy their stuff. You'll be glad you did.

Posted 5/20/2010

venkat a says... 4.0

Hi, I looked for a good mp3 player, with playlist and dynamic support. Finally I found this module. The support is great, the author responded very well to our feature requests and provide good support and enhancements to the module to fit our needs.

Posted 3/30/2010

gavin c says... 5.0

I use this module extensively in a client site. On the home page, section head pages and press pages. Banner Topic: Video Player: ON the- 93/Default.aspx Image Rotator: On th- d/55/Default.aspx I find it to be excellent in every respect. The hardest part using this module is choosing what functionality to use and what not to, it is so versatile. In combination with free version upgrades with each new release and the timely, responsive and thorough excellent support I cannot recommend this module enough.

Posted 3/20/2010 Scott N says... 5.0

Great module with lots of features for the price. Something in the future I would like to see changed however, is that being that its set up as a wizard, it's a pain every time I want to alter something on the first or second screen, as it requires I complete all three screens just to save the changes with the finish button. It would be nice to save changes on any single page without taking the tour each time.

Posted 3/5/2010

John S says... 5.0

Great Module!!

Posted 3/9/2011

John V says... 5.0

They provide excellent support, and the product is great!

Posted 2/25/2011

Manuel N says... 5.0

Very simple to use module. It has a lot of functionality. It helped my website look good.

Posted 2/19/2011

mike h says... 5.0

This is a great module, have been using it since a much earlier version. Perhaps the best thing about it though is it's free to upgrade to newer versions. Most modules make you pay for even small changes and you end up with a mess of old non working junk or the company stops updating it and it stops working on new versions of DNN. keep the updates coming. Its great.

Posted 1/26/2011

      All modules from are customer-driven.The first version of Ultra flash player is released on 2007.Now v7.9 is the 36th generation of this product.We have received many suggestions from our customers since the first release, this module can't be making out without customers help . As a return to their favor, we carry a long term policy as to offer 100% upgrade discount to customers who bought the previous version.

     However, because this version require dnn 6.x to run. To avoid unnecessary upgrade, this time we only offer 90% upgrade discount. If your site has upgrade to dnn 6.x and like to have v7.9, please let us know.
     Thanks for your support.

Version Difference


 Edition Standard
Enterprise Enterprise+Source
Private Assembly Yes Yes Yes
Module Source(C#) No No Yes
Dnn production installation
1 dnn instance with unlimited sub portals Unlimited dnn instance
Unlimited dnn instance

   You can get help via followings:

    1. We provide detail information for every field via dnn standard help system. Click the help button of field to see it .Like below:

  2.Read user guide.doc to view module installtion guide or faqs.

  3.Login to , click "My Products",then find your ordered item, click "Help Ticket" next to it to submit help ticket.

  4. Visit our support forum to get more informations.

  5. Mail us at for more direct and fast help.


Buyer Product & Option Quantity
emaina1 Ultra Flash Player 7.9 (22-in-1 players, iphone/ipad/mobile support) - Standard 1
rholdeman Ultra Flash Player 7.9( 22-in-1 players, iphone/ipad/mobile support) - Enterprise 1
DeanDalrymple Ultra Flash Player 7.9( 22-in-1 players, iphone/ipad/mobile support) - Enterprise 1
netROIbyWSI Ultra Flash Player 7.9( 22-in-1 players, iphone/ipad/mobile support) - Enterprise 1
kirstenfriedli Ultra Flash Player 7.9( 22-in-1 players, iphone/ipad/mobile support) - Standard 1
tmadmin Ultra Flash Player 7.9( 22-in-1 players, iphone/ipad/mobile support) - Enterprise+Source 1
parham Ultra Flash Player 7.8(21-in-1) - for dnn 6.x only - Enterprise+Source 1

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emaina1      11/19/2013
     great customer support as always! The module is also great and very easy to work with

Seller Reply:
      Thanks very much for your long time support.

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