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Cross Photo Gallery 5.7 (for DNN 7.0/7.1)      New version available           Print      Add Favorite

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Last modified date: 10/8/2014
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1.  Introduction
      Cross Photo Gallery 5.7 enables multiple users publish their albums/photos and attach videos/audios/documents with album as easy as ABC. It includes 13 sub modules which offer many cool features as followings:

    1.Multiple users support, authorized users can post their own albums/photos and attach videos/audios/documents with it.

    2.  Each user can manage his files. Module supports automatic resize big images and generate image watermark/thumbnail. 

    3. Amazon Simple Storage Services (Amazon S3) support. 

    4. Upload multiple/large files at one time using Ms Silverlight upload control. In v5.7, module will automatic adds watermark (text or gif image) to user uploaded images.

     5. Automatic import Flickr/Picasa albums/photos/tags into user photo list.(new  in v5.2)

     6. All display interfaces are template based. 

    7. Administrator can disable unwanted photo attributes.

    8. Administrator can create additional photo attributes. 
    9. Rss/Email integrate.

    10. There are 13 sub modules in package, but all information are manage via 1 single module (CrossPhoto_Admin sub module), the other 12 sub modules are used to display information.

    11. Fully integrate with dnn 7.x journal/social. When a new photo/comment is created, it will automatic add related records in dnn journal module. In v5.6, module also lets you share photos between social groups/friends/followers.

    12. Bulk edit/delete data items.
    13. Google image site map and dnn built-in web site map integrated to lets Google index your images more easily.

   14. Display albums & photo via Ms Silverlight and Adobe flash (new in v5.1).
    15. Fully rewrote based dnn 7 framework, to utilize the new features which provided in dnn 7.x (new in v5.7).

    16. Google Map support (new in v5.7).

    It is one of the best solutions for photo share in dnn sites. You can 
   1. View our live photo gallery demo at  and

   v5.1 introduces a new sub module: CrossPhoto_Silverlight which lets you create professional and beautiful gallery via Ms Silverlight. Check to see how it works.

    2. View showcase which submitted by our clients at

   3.  Visit to download 30 days trial version. Please read “Cross Photo Gallery 5.7 user guide.pdf” before test it.
    Please note, v5.7 requires dnn 7.0+. If your sites are still in dnn 5.x/6.x, please check other old versions at

2.  Module Highlights

     2.1  Dnn 7 based, Journal/Social support, Flickr/Picasa integrate, Add watermark, Resize big images
     2.1.1 Fully rewrote based dnn 7 framework
      Dnn 7 is a revolutionary version which brings a lot of new exciting features. Many clients request us to integrate these new features into Cross Photo Gallery module, so we fully rewrote it to utilize these new features. You will like Cross Photo Gallery new interface if you use dnn 7 to build your sites.

                                                    P1  - New interface in v5.7

      2.1.2 Dnn 7 journal / social support
      Journal is an exciting new feature which introduces in dnn 7 platform, it is a vital to build a social site. Cross Photo Gallery 5.7 fully supports dnn 7 built-in journal. When a photo/comment is created, module will automatic add it to dnn journal database. Of course, module will also remove it from journal items if photo/comment is deleted.

                                                    P2  - Journal integrate in v5.7

        In v5.6, you can also share albums / photos between social groups / friends / followers.

                                     P3  - Share albums/photos between groups/friends/followers.

   2.1.3 Import albums / photos / tags from Flickr / Picasa
    If user has photos in Flickr or Picasa, simply provide his accounts, module will retrieve his albums/photos and tags into his album/photo list.     

    Module use dnn schedule jobs to perform import actions. So whenever you upload new albums/photos to Flickr/Picasa, module will automatic detect them and import for you.

    After import, user can edit/delete/view these albums/photos/tags and get comment/rating/recommend just like other photos.

     2.1.4  Add watermark to user uploaded images

     In v5.6, you can control whether to add watermark to user uploaded images. The watermark source can be text, or a small gif image. This is a useful feature if you want to protect your images.

                                     P5  - Watermark settings.

                               P6 - text based watermark.

                               P6 -  Gif image based watermark.
    2.1.5 Resize big images and generate thumbnail
    People always get big size images when they take pictures. Module will resize these big size images to specific size and generate thumbnail to load them more quickly.
2.2  Multiple users, File manager, Large file upload, Amazon S3

      2.2.1 Multiple users support.
       Administrator can choose  roles which can  post photos, specify disk quota and item count this role can have. Administrator can also decide whether user roles can import photos from Flickr/Picasa.

2.2.2  User  file  manager
      If user belong to edit roles and his disk quota not set to 0, he can manage his own folder/files. When edit  his album/photo, he can choose related files (image/video/audio,etc) from these files.  He can add/delete folder, upload/delete/rename/unzip files.  Just like site administrator can do in dnn built-in  “File Manager” feature, user can do the same work too.    Except the “Upload“ function,  module provides more powerful tools.

                                            P2 - User file manager_local

      2.2.3  Multiple/large files upload
      Module provide multiple/large file upload via Ms Silverlight control, doesn't need change anything in site configuration. User can upload huge files as he wish. The only limitation is his disk quota, and can't upload files which don't in site allowable file extensions.

      You can upload .zip files and check “Unzip“ option to automatic unzip after upload. This will reduce a lot of upload time.

                        P3 - File Upload 
     2.2.4 Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3)
     Amazon S3 provides a simple web services interface that can be used to store and retrieve any amount of data, at any time, from anywhere on the web.  You can use it easily in Cross Photo Gallery module, simple change storage type as “Amazon S3” and enter your account information.

                                               P4 - Amazon S3
    User share similar file manager interface like store in local. For more information about Amazon S3, check

2.3  Gallery, Customize attributes, Category, Tag

      2.3.1 Galleries 
      Galleries are top-level data to organize information. Each gallery has its own categories / attributes / tags / albums / photos.

     Tips: some people may ask “why we need gallery?” Well, gallery is mainly used to organize attributes/categories. For example, if you use Cross Photo Gallery to publish both cars and animals, you may need create different attributes for cars and animals, and you also need different categories to organize them.  Gallery lets you solve this problem easily. 

                                                       P7 - Photo gallery

      2.3.2 Disable unwanted fields

Photo has some built-in fields, like author/source/image,etc. You can disable them If you don't’ need.  If a field is disabled, then it will not display on edit interface which belong to current gallery. And of course, it will also disappear in photo list and detail module too.       

        2.3.3  Customize your own fields  
        Photo attributes (e.g. "Camera" or "Model") are used to create inter-dependent photo variations.  After create an attribute, you can then enter specific attribute values for an individual photo (e.g. "Nokia", "Leveno", "Ibm").

                                  P9 -  Customize attributes.  
   Below is a list of data types you can specify for attribute:
   A.  Basic data like  string / int / decimal /  date time /  date /  time /  Boolean / currency.
   B.  Special data like  email /  image / url / text html.

    You can specify a list of value for attribute, user can choose one of them while edit photos.  After creation, these fields will be treated the same as built-in fields. You can add/edit their value, display them on photo list module and  detail module.

        2.3.4  Unlimited level categories 
        Each gallery has its own categories. You can add unlimited level of categories. An album can belong to multiple categories.


      2.3.5  Tags
      Each gallery has its own tag list.  A photo can has multiple tags.

   2.4  Album/Photo, Permission, Video/Audio/Attachment,  Private, Protected

        2.4.1 Album/Photo
        An album can belong multiple categories. After create an album, you can put multiple photos into it. You can also attach multiple documents/audios/videos with a album.

       You can add them one by one or simply click “Add multiple photos from folder“ to add multiple photos at once.

       2.4.2 Permissions
       Administrator can set default view / rate / recommend / comment / attachment download permission for all albums. Besides that, each album can has its own view / rate / recommend / comment / attachment download permissions.

      2.4.3  Related video/audio/attachment
      An album can has multiple videos/audios/attachments with it. If author has disk quota, he can choose his own files to add. If his disk quota is set to 0, he can only add from external url.  

    Video/audio source can come from bellowing:
   1. Local File, Flv/Mp4/Swf video(or .mp3 audio) files which you upload to site.
2. External Url, like followings
    :File in external site, e.g.
    :Http stream, e.g. http://
    :YouTube video url, e.g.

    3. Embed Code, embed code from other sites..

     If you have multiple images/videos/audios to add, instead of add them one by one, you can upload them to a folder, then click “Add from folder “ to add them once.

                                                P13 -  Add video from  folder

       Module use the light box style to play video (or audio) in CrossPhoto_Detail sub module, whether it comes from local file, or external url, or embed code.

                                     P14 -  Play video via light box style

     In v5.1, we add some new options to turn related videos/audios/documents off.  For example,  if you don't want user add related audios to his album, you can simply uncheck “Enable attach audios“ option.

      2.4.4 Private Album
If an album is marked as private, then it can only be viewed by site administrator and photo owners.
      2.4.5 Protected Album
If an album is marked as protected, then visitors need to be enter correct password before view it. Of course, site administrator and photo owner don't need this.

       For example, you need input dnn as protect password to view

2.5  Comment, Rating, Recommend, Help ticket, Abuse Report , Avatar, Bookmark

     2.5.1  Comment / rating / recommend
     Visitor can submit comment / rating / recommend to photos. Administrator can decide which role has these permissions.

     2.5.2 Help Ticket
      Registered user can submit help ticket to photo author to get 1-to-1 help.

      2.5.3  Abuse Report
      If visitor feels a photo (or album) is inappropriate, he can can submit abuse report to site administrators. Administrator can delete photo/album based these feedback.
      2.5.4 Avatar and Social bookmark
Integrates avatar at and also support social bookmark like Google, Face book, Live bookmarks etc.

     2.6   Ajax, Template, Controllable, Silverlight & Flash, Mail, dnn built-in web site map, Google image site map, Google Map, Seo, Rss

      2.6.1  Fully integrate Ajax via JQuery
      Provide a uninterrupted watch experience is vital to a photo share site. This is why we spend many days to fully integrate Ajax. Whenever visitor submit help ticket / create report abuse, or post rating/comment/recommend, it all done via Ajax and not refresh page to break user photo watching. 
      By the way, we  do ajax by utilize JQuery which is part of DotNetNuke, so you don't need install 3-rd components. 

        2.6.2  All display modules are template based
        There are 13 sub modules in this package. Except the CrossPhoto_Admin sub module (which used to manage all data), the other 12 modules are fully template based. There are some built-in template in package, you can try save a copy then modify them, and choose them as your display.

                   P19 -  Template list

          2.6.3  Controllable
          Module offers more than 1000 options to control the layout and functions. Take CrossPhoto_Album sub module as example:

                                    P20 -  CrossPhoto_Album  settings

     By using these options, you can get different layout and functions as your wish. For example:

                                                     Example 1

                                  Example 2

                                   Example 3
        Please view our live photo gallery demo at  and to see more demonstration.
       2.6.4 Display albums & photos via Ms Silverlight and Adobe flash 
       v5.0 adds CrossPhoto_ListDashboard sub module to let you play albums (photos) via Adobe Flash. V5.1 introduce a more amazing sub module: CrossPhoto_Silverlight which lets you show albums/photos via Ms Silverlight. Check for live demo.

     CrossPhoto_Silverlight sub module is theme based and provide more than 280 options to let you control its layout and functions. It even support embed code / full screen viewer / image download. You can use this sub module to create professional and beautiful photo gallery.

      2.6.5 Mail integrate 
      When help ticket / report abuse is submitted..., module will send related mail to author/client.  
      2.6.6 Dnn built-in web site map integrate
      As we know, dnn provides a web site map which can be submitted to Google webmaster tools to let Google index your site more easily. It is a great way to improve your site seo.

    By default, dnn only list your web pages as site map urls. However, in v5.3,you can also include your photo urls in web site map urls. It is a must do action if you want to your images be searched more easily.

       2.6.7 Google image site map integration to let Google index your photos easily.  
       Besides web site map, Google also lets you submit image site map to its webmaster tools to let Google index your images easily.

       By submitting image site map to Google, you can help Google index your photos more easily. This is a great way to increase your site traffics. Try visit our image site map , you will see how it works.

      Note, there is no conflict between your web site map and your Google image site map. We strongly recommend you submit both of them to Google.

       2.6.8 Google Maps integration (new in v5.7) 
      In v5.7, we add Google Maps support based customer feedback. You can easily show Google Maps with your photo by provide its latitude and longitude. This feature is very helpful if you publish maps related information, like hotel/park...etc.

      2.6.9  Seo optimization
      A:  Add album/photo title to page title while view its detail.
      B:  Automatic add  photo title and its tag to page  “keywords” 
      C:  Provide a option “Enable seo friendly url“. If this option is checked, module will generate album/photo detail page url use its title. We strongly recommend client enable this option if your album/photo title is English.  

      2.6.9   Rss integration 
      Rss is everywhere in module, you can subscribe by gallery/category/author/module/month/tag/and module settings. For example, try visit to  view our rss. 

    In v5.7, we add photo in rss description based customer feedback.

   2.7 Centralized Manage, Online help, Security assure, Easy to use, Localization, Search

         2.7.1  Manage all information in 1 module
There are  13 sub-modules in Cross Photo Gallery 5.7 package. But all information (gallery/category/attributes/album/photo/comment/help ticket....) are managed via 1 module - the CrossPhoto_Admin sub module. The other 12 sub modules are all used to display content. 

        2.7.2  Online help is everywhere
        Instead of write long and complicated help document to explain every detail of this module, we choose to integrate these information directly into module interface.

       1.First, we provide detail information for every fields. Whenever you feel confused, click dnn help icon you will see detail explain.

        2.For some important information, we directly put help information on module like below

     3. We have a user guide document to explain how to use this module. Besides that, we also provide detail help in module to let you read them more easily. 

    2.7.3  Security assure
     Check user input to prevent malice damage (like sql injection, script include, etc). Module also provide security code to prevent comment Spam.

     2.7.4  Powerful yet easy to use
    We are not build modules for own use, we build for thousands of our customers. So we need consider every detail of the module. Provide necessary help to guide user to use this module as easy as ABC. You will find many wizard control in this module which guide to do things step by step.

e also check every input area, make sure they are correct and display necessary information if not correct.  Our endeavor is to build a powerful yet easy to use module for both dnn community and our customers.

     2.7.5  Localization
     All information in this module is localizable. You can localize them by dnn standard localization feature. If you like, please send us a copy of your localization package at, we appreciate of your support.

    2.7.6  Search
    1. Integrate dnn built-in search mechanism. You can search both album and photo with dnn built-in search box.

    2. Provide a standard alone sub module: CrossPhoto_Search, to make search more easily.

    3. Add search function in CrossPhoto_Album and CrossPhoto_Photo sub modules.

    4. Besides that, you can search by gallery/category/tag/author/date/month by using different sub modules.
Like CrossPhoto_Gallery, CrossPhoto_Category, CrossPhoto_Author,..., etc. You can use these sub modules to filter related albums (or photos).

3.  Sub Modules 
There are 13 sub-modules in this package:  
     13. CrossPhoto_Gallery

     Visit and and to see how they works.

    3.1  CrossPhoto_Admin sub module
    This module is used to maintain all data related to Cross Photo Gallery, like settings/gallery/category/album/photo/tag list/user file /comment/help ticket/abuse report. You only need  1 instance per portal.
    3.2  CrossPhoto_Silverlight sub module (new in v5.1)
    Show albums & photos via Ms Silverlight, professional and beautiful. Check to view its live demo.

    3.3  CrossPhoto_Album sub module
    This module is used to display album list. You can add multiple instance as you want. Check to view its live demo.

    3.4  CrossPhoto_Photo sub module
    This module is used to display photo list. You can add multiple instance as you want. Check  to view its live demo.

   3.5  CrossPhoto_ListDashboard sub module
    Supports three flash display style to display photo/album links: Numeric navigate (classical),Numeric navigate (button free),Numeric navigate (integrative). Each flash has its own control options.
                       Numeric navigate(classical)

         Numeric navigate(Integrative)

    3.6  CrossPhoto_Category sub module
     Display categories. Supports two display style: List and Tree.
   3.7  CrossPhoto_Search sub module
    This module is used to provide album/photo search.

    3.8  CrossPhoto_Detail sub module
   Display album/photo detail information

    3.9  CrossPhoto_TagList sub module
    Display photo tag list.    
    3.10  CrossPhoto_TagDashboard sub module
    Display photo tag list via flash .
     3.11  CrossPhoto_Author sub module
    Display album/photo creator list, click each item will display his albums/photos. This module is useful if you have multiple users post their photos.
      3.12  CrossPhoto_Archive sub module
    Display  album/photo archive by calendar and monthly, works the same as dnn standard blogs module. Click each item will display related album/photo list. This module is very useful if you publish album/photo frequency.
    3.13  CrossPhoto_Gallery sub module
    Display  photo galleries

4.  Version History

 1. Upgrade to dnn 7 platform.
 2. Google Maps support.
 3. Show photo in rss description

 1. Add watermark to user uploaded photos.
 2. Share albums/photos between social groups/friends/followers.

 1. Rewrote based dnn 6.2 to support journal
 2. Improve user interface based customer feedback

5.  Try before you buy
    We strongly recommend you try this module before you buy. You can
    1. View live demo at
    2. Download trial version at

6.  Upgrade policy
     All modules from are customer-driven, we have received many suggestions from our customers since the first release, this module can't be making out without customers help . 

     As a return to their help,we offer 90% upgrade discount for customer who bought v5.6 before. Note, v5.7 requires dnn 7 platform.  So if your sites are still under dnn 6.x, you don't need upgrade it.

7. Compatibility

Specification               Description                                            
Dnn Version Dnn 7.0+

 Ms sql server 2008/2010 ,Ms sql server express 2008/2010                                                                                          framework .net 4.0+


8. Version Difference

Standard  Enterprise Enterprise + Source
Private Assembly Yes  Yes Yes
Module Source(c#) No  No Yes
Dnn site installation 1 site   Unlimited sites Unlimited sites

Aaron B's Reviews

5 5 (2 reviews)
0011 Cross Photo Gallery 5.3 - Multiple user & Flickr & Picasa & Silverlight
Aaron B (1) says... 5 5.0

user icon Thank you so much Xiao Qi for putting together a great photo gallery module and for supporting the Zuhrah Shriners. We really appreciate it!

posted on 2/17/2012 replied...
user icon Thanks for your support. Wish your site runs successfully.
     All modules from are customer-driven, we have received many suggestions from our customers since the first release, this module can't be making out without customers help . 

     As a return to their help,we offer 90% upgrade discount for customer who bought v5.6 before from our site. Note, v5.7 require dnn 7.x platform. So if your sites are still under dnn 5.x/6.x, you don't need upgrade it.

Version Difference


 Edition Standard
Enterprise Enterprise+Source
Private Assembly Yes Yes Yes
Module Source (C#) No No Yes
Dnn site installation
1 dnn site with unlimited sub portals Unlimited dnn sites
Unlimited dnn sites

   You can get help via followings:

    1. We provide detail information for every field via dnn standard help system. Click the help button of field to see it .Like below:

  2.Read user guide.doc to view module installtion guide or faqs.

  3.Login to , click "My Products",then find your ordered item, click "Help Ticket" next to it to submit help ticket.

  4. Visit our support forum to get more informations.

  5. Mail us at for more direct and fast help.


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