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Subscriber Classified pro Silverlight photo gallery Free upgrade
Module collection Ultra flash player Cross Article All modules

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1.  Introduction
     We have been using DotNetNuke (DNN) since year 2002. During these years, we have built more than 60 modules and help thousands of customers to built their sites with DNN. Although many modules we built are according to customers specific request to meet their business, there are some of them which can be used widely for all users.  Below is a list of them:

    1. Cross Bulk Mailer (added in 03/2013)
    2. Classified Pro (added in 04/2012)
    3. Ultra flash player (23- in -1)
    4. Cross Photo Gallery (add in 06/2012)
    5. Cross Article
    6. Cross Video Gallery (added in 03/2012)
    7. Cross Image Slideshow (added in 05/2012)
    8. Silverlight photo gallery
    9. Silverlight media gallery
    10. Flash Media Gallery
    11. Flash Numeric Rotator
    12. Silverlight Carousel Magazine
    13. Silverlight Panorama Viewer
    14. Skin chameleon
    15. Video handler pro
    16. YouTube Sidebar
    17. Visitor Tracking Plug-in
    18. Carousel Flow Gallery
     You can find their detail description in this site. In past years, these modules were sold one by one. And each of them has their own upgrade policy. Recently, some of our customers ask us if we can offer all modules subscribe so they don't need to waste time to get them one by one. The answer is this -  Module subscriber of http://DnnModule.com.

2.  Who needs to subscribe
     Basically, if you find more than 1 modules of us which will be useful to you. We recommend you choose subscribe instead of buy them one by one.You will find it is worthy.

3.  Why Subscribe

    3.1   Save Money
        : If you buy all modules of us one bye one (enterprise edition, we don't provide standard edition for subscribers), you need to pay more than $3000, but with module subscribe, you only need to pay $700. You save more than $2300.

        :If you choose source code subscriber option, you will get more money saved. Buy all source code package of above modules will need more than $5000, with source code subscription, you only need to pay $1400.        
3.2   Save Time
       Read module details information -  trail them - compare their features - add to cart - pay - download - request for help. Buy a module is a time wasting work, buy a few module is more difficult to handle. But with our module subscription, you only need to pay once, and then download them at anytime as your wish.

3.3   1 year free upgrade
     As you know, most of the module vendors don't provide free upgrade. We provide free upgrade for some of our modules (like the Ultra flash player module, we provide free upgrade for 5 years until now). But not all of our modules provide 100% free upgrade, some of them need to pay for new version. For example, the Classified Pro module.

       With module subscription, you will get 1 year free upgrade for all above modules. And it doesn't conflict with existing upgrade policy, if a module continue to provide free upgrade, you can still get them even your subscription is expired.

       And we always follow the DNN platform upgrade steps. For example, you will find 4 main versions of Classified Pro module (v7.0 for DNN 5.x, v7.7 for DNN 6.x, and v7.9 for DNN 7.0/7.1, v8.0 for DNN 7.2+). By subscribe our modules, you can get these different versions both. This is vital if you handle multiple sites which based different DNN versions.

  3.4   Enjoy new module with free
       We have built more than 60 modules so far, but it is not the end. Our work will continue and will became better and better. Once we build a new module and sell on-line. You will get it immediately.

       For example, we release two new module in recent months  - Cross Video Gallery and Cross Image Slideshow.  You can get it if you subscribe our module in year 2011.

     3.5  Request new module
       We strive to make things better and your suggestion is our passion. If you have any idea, don't hesitate to tell us. We will build modules for you according your suggestions if they can be used widely. And will also release them as free to other subscribers. However, if what request is specific to your business, we will consider charge additional fees.

4.  Subscription options

     4.1.  Enterprise Package
      Include all modules of us (currently 20+ modules). All of them with enterprise license, can be used in unlimited DNN installations.

4.2.  Enterprise + Source package
     Same as enterprise package, but with all source code include

5.  More information
Contact us by create a help ticket of this product if you need more detail. Thanks.

      $700 to get all of our modules (worth $3000+), with 1 year free upgrade.

   You can get help as follows:

    1. We provide detail information for every field via DNN standard help system. Click the help button of field to see it, as follows:

  2. Read user guide.doc to view module installation guide or faqs.

  3. Log in to http://www.dnnmodules.cn/Store/MyAccount.aspx , click "My Products",then find your ordered item, click "Help Ticket" next to it to submit help ticket.

  4. Visit our support forum to get more information.

  5. Mail us at xiaoqi98@msn.com for more direct and fast help.


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Web Site: http://DnnModule.com
Slogan: Let's make things better


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     It is worth to pay.

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