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Login |Register        Search - User Journals added an article DNN 9 Ecommerce & Store & Auction & Classified Ads module - Classified Pro 9.0 released

16 sub modules include which helps you to create an online store, auction site and publish classified ads. Sell everything like physical goods/digital files/portal roles/services. Content localization /Multiple sellers /Amazon S3/ Google Maps/ Custom fields/ Responsive layout support. For DNN 8/9

2/11/2017 added an article The Admin Experience in DNN 9

DNN 9 is the most significant UI change we have made to DNN since we introduced the skinning engine in 2004. The new Admin Experience allows you to stay focused on your content and not on administration tasks.

12/23/2016 added an article The Future of the DNN 9 Platform

In DNN 9, we’ll be moving the Evoq Persona Bar concept to the DNN platform and completely rebuilding the control panel, admin and host modules to use this new framework.

12/23/2016 added an article Change the CKEditor Editor Provider to DNNConnect.EditorProvider

The CK Editor from WatchersNET has been (and still is) a very good alternative to the Telerik RAD Editor, the standard HTML editor delivered with DNN for a long time.

12/23/2016 added an article New Free DNN Theme - the DnnMDesign theme

the DnnMDesign theme uses Bootstrap v3.3.6 just like the DnnBootster them but this time I have added an extra css framework so that you have the look and feel of ‘Material Design’.

12/23/2016 added an article Adding social buttons in the DnnBootster theme

On every skin layout of the DnnBootster theme (apart from the home page skin layout), in the header there is a Dnn pane called ‘SocialPane’. This is where you can place all of your social buttons like FaceBook, Twitter & Google+ etc.

12/23/2016 added an article DNN 8 Development Techniques: Webforms, MVC, and SPA

What are the reasons you would want to use one development technique over the other? I was able to implement the Restaurant Menu module with all three techniques. Let's discuss...

12/23/2016 added an article Cross Video Gallery 7.0 - video & audio & YouTube & content localization, Html 5 & Mobile & DNN 8

14 sub modules include and multiple users support. Automatic import YouTube videos and convert videos to .flv or h264 format. Html 5 & Flash player based to support iPhone/mobile. Template/Custom fields/Ad video/Google video sitemap/Responsive layout..

12/14/2016 added an article DNN Manifest Files

Manifests are configuration files that tell the DotNetNuke Installer how to handle items (or properties) during the Extension installation process.

6/24/2016 added an article Build RESTful API's with ASP.NET Web API

In recent years, it has become clear that HTTP is not just for serving up HTML pages. It is also a powerful platform for building Web APIs, using a handful of verbs (GET, POST, and so forth) plus a few simple concepts such as URIs and headers. ASP.NET Web API is a set of components that simplify HTTP programming.